For 25 years, Merriam School of Music has been a leading pioneer of music education, known throughout Canada and the United States. Our school also enjoys close cooperation and associations from some of the most esteemed universities in the country, including University of Western Ontario, Wilfrid Laurier, Queens, University of Ottawa, and Humber Music College. Our students also have the opportunity to use some of the most advanced facilities of their kind, in the world. There are many reasons why you should put Merriam School of Music on your must-see list if you are considering music lessons for any age, level, or instrument:

  • The highest measurable success and retention rate in our industry
  • The most comprehensive, holistic curriculum available, while still covering the basics like RCM or other exam systems
  • A wide range of teacher specialization, including PhD level coaches, encouraging and allowing the best match possible between student and teacher
  • Advanced technology at both our Oakville and Vaughan locations, including our Broadcast Centre, Recording Studio, Cafe Stage, Technology-Equipped Classrooms, and extensive Cloud resource utilization
  • The most exciting and cool performance opportunities for students of any age and genre – rock, pop, jazz, classical, blues, and more! Perform at Jazz Festivals, Outdoor Cultural Festivals, International Conferences, Community Events, and more.
Merriam School of Music is a music school located in Oakville & Vaughan, ON



When people think of piano lessons, many picture a disciplinarian teacher standing overhead, holding a ruler…ready to strike at the first possible mistake. While we’ve (thankfully) moved passed such torture for piano students, surprisingly the content of those very lessons still lingers within the piano education community. One of Merriam Music’s biggest and most obvious differences is that we focus on so much more than just right notes or exam scores.

We teach music in a ‘linguistic’ sense, meaning that we teach the grammar, vocabulary, and repertoire of the musical language. Then we combine an unmatched number of performance and ensemble music making opportunities so that those skills get used in a relevant, engaging way.



The point of learning an advanced skill – and music is certainly that – is to use it! Ask yourself this question:

“If you were learning a sport such as soccer, but the only time you played was with your coach for 30 minutes a week, and there was no team-mates, no crowd, and no stadium, how long would you do it?”

The answer for most people of course is not very long. And we have found the same thing with music. Music is naturally a social activity, but if it is never experienced like this, many people find it hard to find meaning and relevance. After all, you can only get so excited about an exam! 



We can all recall how if feels to step inside an extraordinary facility – the first time in a recording studio, or maybe walking into a new stadium, a new car, or an amusement park. Its that feeling of awe and wonderment that we all get when we can step outside of our everyday lives and feel the excitement of something special.

Here at Merriam School of Music, we have dedicated an enormous amount of creativity, finances, and time into creating what many have called the most unique musical learning facilities in Canada. Studio A/B (Oakville) our jam/coaching rooms (Vaughan/Oakville), enriched studios (Oakville), enhanced group rooms (Vaughan/Oakville), and our enhanced private rooms (Vaughan) or standard private rooms (Oakville) constitute an absolute commitment to provide our students the very best surroundings.

MERRIAM pianos

Merriam Music, with its piano store and music school, has led North America music education and retailing for more than two decades. We continue to present a piano shopping experience unlike any other. In 6 showrooms across 2 premier Toronto-area locations, Merriam Music offers Canada’s widest and most diverse selection of new and usedpianos, including upright, grand, and digital pianos. Our brand selection includes Mason & Hamlin, Shigeru Kawai, Roland, Korg, Kawai, Perzina, Steinberg, Used Steinway, Used Yamaha, and more. Choosing a piano can be difficult, and access to good information is tricky to discern, and we’ve become world-famous for our open, objective advice, and particularly our no-pressure policy. So whether you’re trying to decide between new vs. used, digital vs. acoustic, or what the perfect baby grand is, we can help! There are so many reasons we stand out among the piano stores in Toronto:

  • The only piano stores in Canada to offer at least one piano from every rating category in a side-by-side environment
  • The highest levels of instrument preparation, ensuring you experience each instrument optimally
  • The highest level of staff expertise and experience in all three categories: digital pianos, grand and baby grand pianos, and upright pianos
  • Competitive global pricing, with guarantees to match


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