Intellectual Fireworks: Does Listening or Playing Music Produce Superior Brain Power?

Music - woman wearing headphones listening to music with music notes drawn on black blackboard texture background. Serene relaxing beautiful young multiracial Asian Caucasian girl enjoying music.

The powerful effects of listening to music make it one of the best pastime activities to relax and have a good time alone or with friends and family. It therefore makes sense that the people that get the most of these benefits are those more actively involved in making and performing music – musicians. Here […]

Children Who Learn Music are All Set for Great Futures – Says Science

kids playing cello

What is common between Einstein, Lazlo, and Feynman besides the fact that they are the finest minds of the 20th century who have contributed to the advancement of theoretical science? All of them shared a great love for music! While Einstein was a wonderful violin player, Feynman liked to spend his free time playing the […]