Michael Jackson was a musical genius. His songs impacted the lives of millions, and continue to do so today. It was a tragic loss to music in 2009 when the king of pop passed away. But what if there was more?

Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. That was one of the greatest things about him. Every track he released was perfect. There was so much thought poured into each measure of every tune released. Anything with Michael’s magic touch would make it big.

So what happens when you find 20 unfinished MJ tracks? Sure it is exciting, and yes it would be a shame to let them sit unlistened. At the same time, what would Michael Jackson want? Is there anyone he would trust to finish moulding his tracks to be released under his name?

Food for thought. Say you had a muffin recipe that catapulted you to stardom and fame, that contained one secret ingredient that only you possessed. After your death someone decided to start up a bakery selling your famous muffins under your name, but were missing that secret ingredient that made them so wonderful. Those muffins would not be nearly as wonderful as they were when you were making them with your secret ingredient, yet your name would be tied to this inferior muffin.

MICHAEL Jackson’s sound engineer says he has 20 unfinished tracks by the late pop star on his computer — but he isn’t allowed to let anyone hear them.

“I don’t have the right to write the song titles or to let people hear them for the moment,” Michael Durham Prince told the French newspaper Le Parisien on Thursday.

Months after Jackson’s death in 2009 from a lethal overdose of sedatives, the entertainer’s estate signed a $US200 million ($271 million) deal with Sony recording company, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Contract … Sony can bring out up to seven albums over a decade, including new or remixed Michael Jackson songs. Picture: AP Photo/Pat Roque Source: AP

Under the agreement, Sony can bring out up to seven albums over a decade, including new or remixed Michael Jackson songs. Two posthumous albums have already been released, in 2010 and 2014, but Sony told AFP on Thursday that no others were currently in the works.

Mr Prince, who was Jackson’s audio engineer from 1995 up to his death, told Le Parisien in an interview from Germany: “I have on my computer 20 unreleased (songs) by Michael, all of them unfinished.”

He explained that Jackson hadn’t sung the choruses for the tracks, so “someone would have to be found” to perform them whenever they did get released, if Sony and Jackson’s family gave the go-ahead. “That would mean duets,” he said.

Mr Prince added that he believed there would be further Jackson albums in the future, “but for the moment, we are thinking more about bringing out new songs every six months”.

Jackson died aged 50 on June 25, 2009 as he was readying to give a series of concerts in London. Via news.com.au

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Video to Live Again as 3-D Film | Rolling Stone

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/michael-jacksons-thriller-video-to-live-again-as-3-d-film-20141001Michael Jackson’s 14-minute music video for “Thriller” will be getting revived in 3-D next year, now that the clip’s director, John Landis, has settled a legal dispute with the singer’s estate. Although he is still working out specifics, the filmmaker hopes to release the video – which was the most expensive clip of its time and was rated the greatest video of all time by Rolling Stone readers – on Blu-ray and even in theaters, according to the New York Daily News. Via rollingstone.com

Michael Jackson father Joe suffers stroke – BBC News

http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-33679723Jackson is in Brazil to celebrate his birthday Joe Jackson, the father of late singer Michael Jackson, has suffered a stroke, according to a Brazilian hospital. The Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo said Jackson was admitted on Sunday afternoon and is being treated in the intensive care unit. Jackson is in Brazil to celebrate his 87th birthday. Via bbc.com