[VIDEO] Ted Talks – Jennifer Lin – Improvising on piano, aged 14

Jennifer Lin: Improvising on piano, aged 14Watch this video on YouTube Pianist and composer Jennifer Lin gives a magical performance, talks about the process of creativity and improvises a moving solo piece based on a random sequence of notes. Via Ted.com Jennifer Lin Pianist, composer Concert pianist and composer Jennifer Lin was only 14 when […]

The Kawai GL-10 Baby Grand Piano Could Be The Most Advanced Grand Piano Under $20,000

Kawai GL-10

Hi, I’m Stu Harrison and we’re here at the Merriam Pianos Oakville showroom just outside of Toronto, Canada. And today I am looking at the Kawai GL-10 baby grand piano, and there’re a couple things that we’re going to be talking about. We’re going to be comparing it to the GM-10K which was its immediate […]

Merriam Pianos Academy: What Is a Used Yamaha U1 Upright Piano Worth?

Yamaha U1

I’m Stu Harrison, and this is another segment in our series on the Yamaha upright pianos. Today, we’re going to be talking about the price of a Yamaha U1. That would be their 48-inch, Japanese built upright piano. There are two categories really, that a customer needs to be aware of, depending on what they’re […]

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Baby Grand Pianos

baby grand piano

Hi, I’m Stu Harrison and I’m here with Merriam Pianos in Toronto, Canada. And today we’re talking about baby grand pianos. Now this is something that I think is on everybody’s ultimate wish list, for when you get the house with that perfect bay window, or a room that would be ideal to just have […]

The Kawai GL-40 5’11” Grand Piano Is Poised To Become The #1 Institutional Grand Piano


Hi, this is Stu Harrison, we’re here at Merriam Pianos in Oakville, Ontario just outside of Toronto and we’re going to be looking at the GL-40 Grand Piano from Kawai. The GL-40 is Kawai’s recent upgrade or update to their rather famous RX-2 that was a dominant player in the institutional grand piano market from […]

Music Lessons – Lack of Motivation in Your Child’s Music Education Is Your Worst Enemy. 5 Ways To Defeat It

home piano practice

Most kids quit music lessons. It’s a fact, and parents don’t just fear it, they expect it. And they should – children, when presented with a long-term challenge with mixed results and few immediate rewards, will beg to quit. It’s just not fun. And what parent wants to spend years and years dragging their kids […]

12 Things You Will Deal With As A Music Major.


1. Getting over your claustrophobia after spending entire days in tiny practice rooms.  2. Instinctually analyze every pop song that you hear in the real world.  3. Develop a love/hate relationship with music stands.  4. Become a photoshop wizard from creating so many recital posters.  Is it bad I laughed aloud at this? #musicmajorproblems #tweetsfromcatlett pic.twitter.com/Jc9D2WNDWT — […]

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Berklee and Boston Conservatory Plan To Merge

The Boston Conservatory and  the Berklee College of Music, announced on June 25th 2015 that were exploring a merger that could take effect as soon as next year. This could make for some massive changes in the current program. The combination of Berklee’s world renowned music education curriculum and tech resources with the Boston Conservatory’s dramatic […]

Michel Camilo review – it’s remarkable the piano didn’t collapse in defeat

  Bravura gigs don’t ordinarily warrant five stars in my book, but concerts by Michel Camilo – the Latin-jazz piano star from the Dominican Republic – are so astonishing that you abandon all aesthetic doubts and come out with your hands up. After his long single-set tour de force at the South Bank, and a […]

Vancouver’s Jazz Festival marks 30 years

Vancouver’s jazz festival certainly attracts some big names. From Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis in the mid 80s during this jazz festival’s inception, to names like The Roots, and Tower of Power playing now. The VJF has been a powerhouse for over 30 years! There are a few more days left in the festival, with lots of good […]