The Open Jam Survival Guide for Drummers

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When you look in the local music listings, you’ll often see an Open Jam hosted on a weeknight at a live music venue. These can be a great opportunity to get out and play in your community. For players looking to make professional connections, a lot of these jams are run by known local musicians, […]

5 Simple Tips Every Drummer Needs To Know

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Sometimes it seems like meaningful progress takes forever. After starting out quickly on an instrument, many people hit a point where each small improvement takes a large investment of time, and it can be frustrating! For drummers, this often happens when trying to master some advanced coordination, which requires as much mental practice as physical. […]

What Everyone Should Know About Buying Your First Drums

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You’ve been putting in your time on your practice pad… or your parents have just signed you up for lessons… and now it’s time to head over to the store and look at a new drumset. It’s super-exciting! But getting a beginner drumset is a major commitment and it’s beneficial for beginning drummers and their […]