8 Interesting Facts About Beethoven You Probably Don’t Know

17th December was marked as Beethoven’s anniversary. In keeping with the celebrations, we’ve done some research and come up with 8 interesting facts about Beethoven you probably don’t know: 1. No one is really sure about Beethoven’s birth date Although we celebrate 17th December as his birthday, it was actually the day of his baptism. […]

9 Stories From Around The World Proving Music Has The Power To Change Lives

Music has the power to change lives in the most amazing ways. Unfortunately, it’s often considered a pastime or expensive hobby that is most enjoyed by the affluent among us, but this view is uninformed and downright wrong. Tom Barnes shared nine amazing stories from around the world proving that the power of music is […]

Is It True That Bad Students Make The Best Music Stars?

Historically, there were many instances of famous artists becoming successful despite the fact that they did not receive a musical education. This is a trend that seems to be consistent even today. In fact, some of them received no education at all, and they were still able to rise to stardom. This creates the perception that […]

7 Tried And Tested Tips That Will Get Your Music Students Practicing More

Your music students probably love to play their instruments, but if you’re like most music teachers, you’ve observed that practice seems to be a common challenge for most of them. As a music teacher, you want to see your students excel, so it’s important for you to find creative ways to encourage them to practice. […]

MAKE PIANO FUN: Learn How To Turn a Piano Practice Chore Into a FUN Experience For Your Child

One of the biggest challenges for a piano teacher is to convince his or her students that learning piano is fun. That’s completely understandable, because learning piano takes a lot of time and practice, and kids generally don’t understand the concept of deferred gratification. Any normal child will have a hard time concentrating on something […]

Is classical music really that relevant today?

In today’s music world, rap, alternative, pop and rock genres are no doubt dominating the popular music charts, and one may wonder what relevance classical music holds. This is a topic that could lead to endless arguments, but the truth of the matter is that classical music is still essential today. It may not enjoy […]