Acoustic vs. Digital – Which is the best option for YOU?

Most professionals still consider higher levels of playing, and certainly performance, to be the exclusive domain of acoustic pianos.  However, with the advent of faster processors and more authentic-feeling key actions, digital pianos have become a viable alternative to acoustic pianos for many people just starting out on their piano adventure.  As a major retailer […]

Do I really need a 48" Upright?

Background The world’s best-selling piano of all time, to date, is the U1 – Yamaha’s juggernaut from the 1970’s and 1980’s – which is still produced today, but in limited numbers.  If you are not familiar with it, the U1 is basically the Toyota Corolla of the piano business, selling millions of units, with a […]

Wood Vs. Composites – The Debate that Wouldn’t Die

The wood vs. composite debate is a long-standing point of discussion within the piano industry, and no other issue is more polluted with irrational, emotional arguments than this one.  By and large, two companies have been responsible for the majority of sentiment that currently exists towards composites:  Steinway and Kawai. Ironically, these two companies are […]

Perzina and the Birth of the European Hybrid

Background Although Perzina has a history that stretches back 140 years, it’s really within the last 10 years that Perzina has emerged as a trend-setting manufacturer of grand and upright pianos.  With stunning designs, innovative materials and manufacturing techniques, and an unmatched value, Perzina now builds or collaborates on 3 of the industry’s most respected professional-level […]