Kawai CA99 vs Casio GP 510 | Hybrid Digital Piano Review & Comparison

Kawai CA99 vs Casio GP 510

 The high-end digital piano market is more popular than ever. The level of musicality these pianos are now capable of combined with the convenience and inherent advantages of a digital instrument have made Hybrid digital pianos are a legit option for folks who would have previously only considered an acoustic piano, whether you’re a […]

Upright vs Grand Pianos | Which is Better for You? | Common Misconceptions & Myths

Upright vs Grand Pianos

 As one of North America’s largest piano retailers, we’re blessed to get to interact with piano shoppers looking for upright, grand and digital pianos face-to-face, every single day. As a result, we’ve been able to observe many of the common misconceptions a lot of people have with regard to upright vs grand pianos – […]

Kawai CA59 | Digital Piano Review | Kawai CA Series

Kawai CA59

 Kawai’s CA series has always stood at the front of the digital piano arena. Traditionally a series of 2 models, the Concert Artist series was expanded to 4 models with the release of the CA48 and CA58. Today, we’ll be checking out the update to the CA58 with the new Kawai CA59. Where the […]

How Long Do Digital Pianos Last? | Electric Piano Longevity & Most Common Component Failures

How Long Do Digital Pianos Last

 Easily one of the most common questions we get here at Merriam Pianos from digital piano shoppers is how long do digital pianos last? And that’s really not surprising since this is going to be a top question among consumers when shopping for just about anything, whether on Amazon or in a store. Like […]

Kawai CN201 | Digital Piano Review | Kawai CN29 Upgrade

Kawai CN201

 Kawai has an overflowing trophy case from all of the awards the CN series has won over the years. The Kawai CN29 was a massive seller over the past few years, but despite a relatively short production run, Kawai has already announced its replacement with the next-generation CN201. This will be our first look […]

Piano Benches | Adjustable vs Padded vs Hard-Top | Which Type Is Right For You?

Piano Benches

 If you’re shopping for a piano and have either looked at piano bench reviews on Amazon or been to a piano showroom, you’ve probably noticed that there are lots of different types of wooden frame piano benches out there. If you’re wondering which one is the best piano bench for you, this article will […]

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8 | Digital Piano Review | Buyers Guide

Yamaha P515 vs Kawai ES8

 High-end all-in-one portable digital pianos have been increasing in popularity for quite some time now, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Top-of-the-line stage pianos are of course not getting anywhere, but the idea of a professional quality keyboard with built-in speakers, great sound, and weighted keys makes a lot of sense for a […]

C Bechstein A124 | Upright Piano Review | C Bechstein Academy Series

C Bechstein A124

 If you’re considering a premium upright piano from Germany in the $20,000-$30,000 USD range, it’s quite likely that you’ve come across the C Bechstein A124, and for good reason – from the material selection to the precision of the craftsmanship, the A124 is without question one of the top upright pianos available in its […]

Kawai K-800 vs Boston UP-132 | Upright Piano Review & Comparison | Boston Built By Kawai

Kawai K-800 vs Boston UP-132

When it comes to Japanese upright pianos, there’s no question that the Kawai K-300 and Yamaha U1 absolutely dominate the conversation. That said, Boston has a very nice lineup of Japanese-built pianos as well, and Kawai has other great options available as well beyond the vaunted K-Series. In today’s article and companion video, we’ll be […]

Digital Piano Buying Guide | How to Choose a Digital Piano

Digital Piano Buying Guide

 There are a lot of ‘top 10’ lists, articles and videos out there when it comes to digital pianos. In fact, we’ve done a number of those here at Merriam Music. Today, we have something a little bit different for you with a new digital piano buying guide. How is this article going to […]