Contrary to popular belief, a violin is not just another string instrument; it is much more complex and needs a lot of effort. Mastering the violin requires immense patience and perseverance. You need to be consistent perfecting the chords, the different strings and the complicated hand movement and posture.

Now apart from the regular practice sessions, you can even check out the many tutorial videos uploaded by many famous violinists. Also, read up some blogs on the playing techniques to help you handle the violin better. A little extra knowledge never hurt anyone! Follow these useful and practical tips and practice along with the established violinists:

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Your Uniqueness is Your USP

As a violin player you have a lot of rules and notes to follow, but don’t let that discourage you from experimenting a bit on your own! That’s how you grow. If you’re a beginner you should totally check out this popular female violinist, Taylor Davis. She has quite an impressive fan base on YouTube and is known for her unique and creative content.

A special mention to her Pirates of the Caribbean gig that is a wonderful performance, complete with the proper costume, background, and special effects! She has even released a couple of albums and has given many live performances across the globe as well.

Perfect Your Bowing Technique

Ever watched Mark O’Connor performing? The man is a legend! He’s probably one of the few violinists who can use the bow that fast. Want to learn the correct techniques of fast bowing? Well, now you can and from the master himself! Check out his live performances on YouTube and carefully observe the way his entire right arm works in perfect synchronization.

The trick is in the subtle relaxing hand movements that prevent unnecessary strain on the right hand hence all his notes are bang on every time! Seek inspiration from his performance to get the finger movement correct and develop your own style.

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Learn the Correct Technique and Posture

It is only when you get your basic right that you can actually attempt at playing the violin properly. Learn about the technical nuances of the instrument and practice them vigorously. Learn some tricks from watching legends such as Jascha Heifetz, one of the best violinists of his era.

Watch the many live performances and concert tours on YouTube or other violin blogs, the sheer simplicity of his style would blow your mind! Playing the violin comes as naturally to him as breathing. Observe how he his relaxed his hand movements are and how seamlessly he holds the violin straight.

The way You Carry Yourself Onstage

The violin is a very sophisticated and complex instrument; still, it doesn’t mean you will simply play it mechanically like a programmed robot onstage! No, you don’t have to do those crazy moves and head banging but you can definitely spice up the performance a bit.

Learn how to do that from this amazing violinist, Lindsay Stirling. Her unique style and quirkiness have earned her quite an impressive band of followers on YouTube. She adds a dash of drama, dance, and narration to her playing making it all the more interesting and innovative. Remember, for the audience to enjoy the performance you must enjoy playing for them as well. Overcome your stage fright and deliver a beautiful performance with full confidence!

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Proper Sync in a Group

Up until now we only discussed solo performances; well, group shows are quite popular and trending among violinists as well. If you want to join an orchestra, you’ll have to know all about complementing your group members.

Watching the Jerusalem Quartet is an amazing treat for the ears and it teaches you how to communicate with the other musicians as well. Observe how completely at ease they are in the group, pointing, and looking at each other further enhancing their performance!

The Bottom Line

There are many more talented and established violinists active online, creating instructional, and motivational content for you to gulp down and rollick on your journey through violin lessons. Also, check out the tutorials videos and learn the correct techniques to play this rather sophisticated instrument. With your violin lessons and the extra help from these videos, you can master the violin quicker than you ever imagined!

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