Lets take a look at the Kawai K300 upright piano, and most importantly what they’ve done to update the Kawai K300 from the Kawai K-3. A good amount of people who are looking at Kawai Upright pianos these days are very familiar with the K-3 (Kawai’s previous 48 inch piano) and the number one question I’ve been getting these days is how is the Kawai K3 different from the Kawai K300?



Resale Value

The last thing I’ll mention is the resale value. Because the K-3 hundred is a brand-new model, it’s a little bit difficult to actually get information on how exactly is going to do in the resale market. Of course when you’re buying an instrument that’s up in the $7,000 – $10,000 range it’s always a questions on people’s minds; Am I going to be able to sell this? What can I trade this in for again down the road? Certainly we can look to the K-3 for some cues as to how well it’s going to do in the resale market. When I look at a K-3 and I compare it to another bellwether model in the market such as Yamaha U1, it’s pretty clear that given their starting point to where they’re selling on open markets like eBay or Kijiji, the proportion of depreciation is almost equal and is still very strong. Still to this day (2015) it is not possible to beat a Japanese piano for resale or depreciation factors for anything outside of a handmade performance level piano which continues to make this instrument a really really strong performer. So looking to the K-3 for those cues one can definitely assume that having increased the strength and the length of the key, improved the geometry and the action, still being produced in a very high quality case, using solid brass hardware and of course the quality control which still leads the industry, certainly it’s quite reasonable to assume that the K-3 hundred might even beat some of the depreciation factors that people are already seeing on the K-3. I would say that the Kawai K300 is a sound investment, and a really great responsive piano for the money.


Kawai K300 Details

Manufacturer’s Website – Kawai US