Chilly Gonzales analyzes the Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Have you fallen in love with ‘The Weekend”s latest hit? Well many folks have. In it’s first week it garnered 38 million airplay audiences, and as of October 2015, it has sold 1,852,000 copies in the US. This song is pumping through so many stereos and headphones.  And there’s good reason for it. In this video we see […]

Kanye West’s Latest Rant Made Far More Sense Than Ususal

Kanye West is brilliant. Often misunderstood, but brilliant. So often, people are gifted with great minds, yet have difficulty articulating their message. Looking back through many interviews with Kanye West, it is easy to see the frustration. He is in an interesting situation. He has aspirations and motivation out the wazoo. He also has a […]

A Sound Engineer Has Discovered 20 Unfinished Michael Jackson Tracks!

Michael Jackson was a musical genius. His songs impacted the lives of millions, and continue to do so today. It was a tragic loss to music in 2009 when the king of pop passed away. But what if there was more? Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. That was one of the greatest things about him. […]

Over 50,000 Sign Petition To Stop Kanye From Performing At Pan Am Games

There is no shortage of incredible Canadian musicians. Currently Toronto is the world’s stage, and we have been showing everyone much of what Toronto has to offer, yet for the closing show of Pan Am, we’re importing our talent? Its similar to a chef having a dinner party, and ordering Chinese food. There are countless […]

Dave Grohl’s Doctor Rocks The Stage!

The Foo Fighters have pushed through the North American summer tour despite Dave Grohl’s recently broken leg. He now sits atop a rock god throne and contines to give it all he’s got from one city to the next.  Dave Grohl’s orthopaedic surgeon has been credited with making it possible for the Foo Fighters to continue […]

A brief history of Lee’s Palace

What venue can you think of that holds less than 600 people has hosted the likes of Nirvana, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Tragically Hip, and so many more? This venue has been featured in movies like “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” and has been the spring board for hundreds of local and international artists. […]

Finley Quaye Kicked Off Stage 30 Minutes Into Show For Obvious Reasons

This is a prime example of blatant unprofessionalism. Though us musicians may not always wear a suit and tie to work, we must still be professionals. This goes cross genre, and applies to any venue. Wether you’re playing a $20 gig in your local coffee shop, or playing a massive stadium, you need to be […]

Adam Levine Impersonates Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Eddie Vedder

Adam Jimmy Fallon

  When you want the best musical impressions, you turn on Fallon. Hands down, the best late night show- at the very least in regards to music. Jimmy Fallon can be a jittery schoolboy behind the desk during interviews. However, as soon as the Roots drop the groove, its all business time. He isn’t a […]