Chilly Gonzales analyzes the Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Have you fallen in love with ‘The Weekend”s latest hit? Well many folks have. In it’s first week it garnered 38 million airplay audiences, and as of October 2015, it has sold 1,852,000 copies in the US. This song is pumping through so many stereos and headphones.  And there’s good reason for it. In this video we see […]

Kanye West’s Latest Rant Made Far More Sense Than Ususal

Kanye West is brilliant. Often misunderstood, but brilliant. So often, people are gifted with great minds, yet have difficulty articulating their message. Looking back through many interviews with Kanye West, it is easy to see the frustration. He is in an interesting situation. He has aspirations and motivation out the wazoo. He also has a […]

Dave Grohl’s Doctor Rocks The Stage!

The Foo Fighters have pushed through the North American summer tour despite Dave Grohl’s recently broken leg. He now sits atop a rock god throne and contines to give it all he’s got from one city to the next.  Dave Grohl’s orthopaedic surgeon has been credited with making it possible for the Foo Fighters to continue […]

Adam Levine Impersonates Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Eddie Vedder

Adam Jimmy Fallon

  When you want the best musical impressions, you turn on Fallon. Hands down, the best late night show- at the very least in regards to music. Jimmy Fallon can be a jittery schoolboy behind the desk during interviews. However, as soon as the Roots drop the groove, its all business time. He isn’t a […]

Kanye West Vs Freddie Mercury – Bohemian Rhapsody

Kanye West VS Freddie Mercury: “Bohemian… by babykute-dhxd If you haven’t seen it. Kanye West just finished butchering Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury. Its blown up online. It really could not have gone any worse. Its true, the performance was awful. However, I think (once again) Kanye has been misunderstood. He obviously knows that he has the […]

Photographer Calls Out Taylor Swift For Being a Hypocrite

Taylor Swift has been getting a good deal of attention in the last few weeks. First calling apple out on an unfair usage of her music, and now people are claiming that she has done the same to photographers in the past. Though it is similar, this is totally a different situation. Taylor Swift has […]

Slash: ‘I Think There’s Something To Be Said For The Sound Quality On Vinyl’

Slash definitely has a point here. The experience of downloading a song from i-tunes is far different from taking a trip to the record store and bringing home a piece of artwork and an entire album. The idea that the artist becomes ‘faceless’ from the lack of a physical copy with album artwork and other […]

Metal Band’s Vocalist Covers Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’

I find myself guilty of clumping all metal guitarists into the same group. I would not consider myself heavy metal’s biggest fan, but when I stumble across things like this I always reconsider. Sam Meador is the vocalist and keyboardist of the metal band Xanthochroid. The complexity of his cover of this tune astounds me. […]

The Piano Guys Do An Amazing Cover Of Jurassic World Sonatas

Most of us can all hum along to the Jurassic Theme on command. These guys sat down and put together a beautiful rendition of the “Jurassic World Sonatas”. It already has over 1 million views! Check it out! The Jurassic World sonatas may have originated as part of the soundtrack to the uber-dino action flick Jurassic Park, […]