Roland FP30X vs FP30 | Digital Piano Review & Comparison | What’s New?

Roland FP30X vs FP30

 The Roland FP-30 digital piano was a popular and well-reviewed musical instrument, but to say that the FP-30X is a step forward would be an understatement – Roland was able to include more key improvements than would be considered typical when an instrument is replaced by the next generation model. On the heels of […]

Kawai K200 | Upright Piano Review | Kawai K Series

Kawai K200

 Kawai is one of the most dominant players in the acoustic piano world due to their incredible combination of build quality, musical potential, innovation and price. Kawai’s most popular upright line is by far the K Series Professional Upright Piano series, which is known for its advanced design and material selection throughout the line. […]

Steinway K-52 | Steinway & Sons | Traditional Upright Piano Review

Steinway K-52

 When it comes to the piano industry as a whole, likely no other brand is as well known as Steinway & Sons, with their Hamburg and New York grands being the most commonly selected instruments for concert-level pianists. Their upright pianos for whatever reason have generally not garnered the same level of recognition and […]

Roland RD88 | Digital Stage Piano Review | Lighter & More Affordable

Roland RD88

 The Roland RD88 Stage Piano is the latest entry in Roland’s long-standing RD series of professional stage pianos. Lighter and more affordable, the RD88 has been designed as a slightly simplified alternative to the flagship RD2000, while still offering the authentic sounds, touch, features, playability, and durability that the long line of acclaimed RD […]

Kawai MP11SE vs Roland RD-2000 | Stage Piano Review | SuperNATURAL, Grand Feel, Virtual Technician

Kawai MP11SE vs Roland RD-2000

 If you’ve ventured into the world of professional stage pianos, and are looking at the best the market has to offer, it’s pretty much guaranteed that during your piano research you’ve come across the Kawai MP11SE vs Roland RD-2000 comparison. These are two of the most highly respected stage pianos in the business, and […]

What is Polyphony on a Digital Piano? Why Is it Important?

What is Polyphony

 Have you ever looked at a spec sheet and thought to yourself, “What is polyphony?” Well, you’re not alone – this is something that most customers don’t actually really know much about, but for some people, it’s one of the most important specs on that keyboard information sheet. Not to be confused with the […]

Yamaha vs Kawai | Differences Between Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha vs Kawai

 Brands like Steinway and Bechstein are forever associated with the very origins of the piano industry, as well as the innovation of what really a lot of us think of as the modern piano. But few brands have had as large an impact on the modern piano industry as Kawai and Yamaha of Japan. […]

Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP10 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Yamaha P125 vs Roland FP10

 If you’re considering an entry-level 88-note digital piano in the sub $1,000 price range, along with digital models from Kawai and Casio, it’s virtually guaranteed you’ve come across the Roland FP-10 and Yamaha P125. After all, these are two of the piano industry’s most popular entry-level 88-key digital pianos and serve up a piano […]

Kawai CN29 vs CN201 | Digital Piano Comparison & Review

Kawai CN29 vs CN201

 The Kawai CN series has been synonymous with quality, performance and value. The Kawai CN29 digital piano was a massively successful model during its run, widely regarded as one of if not the best home digital piano in the class. Yamaha doesn’t have a truly comparable model for the price as an example, nor […]

Roland Juno DS88 | Synthesizer Unboxing & Quick Overview | Phrase Pads, Vocoder, & More

roland juno ds88

 As a companion piece to our unboxing video, in this article, we’ll be exploring the Roland Juno DS88 synthesizer. This is a light and portable synthesizer that’s built primarily as a gigging instrument with stage essentials but has enough features to stimulate creativity right from the comfort of your own home, whether that’s non-stop […]