The Best Digital Pianos Money Can Buy: Yamaha, Kawai, Roland & More!

🎹 The Best Digital Pianos Money Can Buy: Yamaha, Kawai, Roland & More! 🎹Watch this video on YouTube Hi everybody, I’m Stu Harrison. Today, we’re diving into the best digital pianos that money can buy. These instruments feature the finest tone generators, effects engines, and the most detailed and immersive speaker systems on the market. […]

Roland FP-60X vs FP-90X | Digital Piano Comparison | Top End of the FP-X Series

Roland FP-60X vs FP-90X

Welcome to another piano comparison blog. My name is Stu Harrison, and today we will be comparing Roland FP-60X vs FP-90X; two siblings in the FP lineup. There are some similarities, but there are some very big differences in the playing experience. We’re so grateful to be able to share some of these opinions and […]

Roland FP-60X Digital Piano Review | Audio MIDI over USB & Bluetooth – BMC Chip (FP-60 Upgrade)

Roland FP-60X Digital Piano

Hi everyone, and welcome to another piano review here at Merriam Pianos. Today we’re with the Roland FP-60X. This is the update to the FP60, part of their newest FP-X lineup featuring all sorts of new goodies. We’re going to be taking a look at its features, talking about the sound, and exploring its action. […]

Roland FP-E50 vs FP60x | Side-by-Side Digital Piano Comparison, Review & Demo

Roland FP-E50 vs FP60x

Today we’ve got two Roland portable digital pianos from the FP series that includes the Roland FP-90X, FP-60X, FP-30X, and FP-10, facing off against each other; the FP-60X and the brand new FP-E50. Is there still a place for the FP-60X in the marketplace with this new FP-E50? Well, we’re going to answer that question […]

Kawai CN29 vs Roland HP702 | Digital Piano Review & Comparison | PHA-4 vs RHIII Piano Action

Kawai CN29 vs Roland HP702

Today we’re comparing the Kawai CN29 digital piano, part of the CN series of pianos that includes the CN201 and CN301 and one of the most popular $2,000 pianos on the market, with the Roland HP702, part of the HP series of pianos that includes the Roland HP704, one of the other most popular $2,000 […]

Kawai ES920 vs Roland FP-90X | Digital Piano Comparison | Feature Rich Flagship Digitals

Kawai ES920 vs Roland FP-90X

Hi everyone, and welcome to a Digital Piano Shootout here on the Merriam Pianos YouTube channel. Today we have the Kawai ES920 and the Roland FP90X; a member of the Roland digital pianos FP series that includes the FP-10, FP-30X, FP-60X, and FP-90X. Two top-of-the-line portable digital pianos from Roland and Kawai. We’ve been waiting […]

The World’s First Electric Piano | Neo Bechstein 1932 | The Story Of The Neo-Bechstein Piano

Worlds First Electric Piano

While we tend to focus our YouTube channel and blog posts on piano reviews and piano comparisons, we also like to include some general piano interest content, and occasionally, some content on a slightly more obscure topic. Today’s piece definitely falls into the latter category as we’re going to be looking at the story of […]

Top 12 Most Expensive Pianos | World’s Most Expensive Pianos

Most Expensive Pianos

If you’re even a moderate internet user, odds are over the last four or five years you’ve probably come across an article or video covering some of the world’s most expensive instruments. Pianos happen to stand out in this regard due to their size, cost to manufacture, and cultural significance throughout much of the world. […]

Piano Moving Fail | Estonia Grand Piano Destroyed | 7 Steps When Moving a Piano

Piano Moving

Piano Moving is supposed to be a boring, predictable, and relatively mundane part of the piano purchasing process, even an afterthought. And in many instances, this is the case. However, if many other instances, if the right questions aren’t asked and the piano movers properly prepped as to the type of space they’re moving the […]

Beginner Digital Pianos | Yamaha P45 Digital Piano vs Alesis Recital Keyboard – Under $500

Beginner Digital Pianos

If your child is just starting out with piano lessons, or maybe you’re an adult beginner who wants to try out piano for the first time, investing in an expensive acoustic or digital piano right off the hop is something many folks would prefer to avoid. Perhaps you’ve got more of a casual interest or […]