Yamaha P45 vs Casio CDP-S350 | Digital Piano Review & Comparison | Compact & Light Designs

Yamaha P45 vs Casio CDP-S350

Yamaha and Casio are easily amongst the most popular digital piano manufacturers on the planet, with a wide range of offerings across many price and quality points. That said, they’re both absolutely dominant when it comes to entry-level 88-key digital pianos. And that brings us to the subject of today’s article and video as we’re […]

Alesis Recital | 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano | Review & Demo

Alesis Recital

Today we’re going to be looking at one of the most popular musical instruments on Amazon in Canada and the United States – the Alesis Recital. This is an 88-note, non-weighted but touch-sensitive digital piano. Given the massive popularity this instrument has achieved, we figured it was definitely worth taking a look at here to […]

Casio CTK-2550 | Portable Keyboard Review | Best Budget Keyboard

Casio CTK-2550 Portable Keyboard

Anyone familiar with us and our YouTube channel will know that we generally keep our digital piano reviews focused on 88-note musical instruments with weighted actions – essentially, digital pianos that emulate acoustic pianos. That said, in this review, we’ve got something a little bit different as we’ll be looking at a very popular 61-key […]

Yamaha P45 vs Casio PX-160 | 88-Key Digital Piano Review & Comparison

Yamaha P45 vs Casio PX-160

Welcome to another piano review here at Merriam Music! In this article and accompanying video, we’ll be comparing two absolute titans of the entry-level market for 88-key digital pianos with weighted actions as we look at the Yamaha P45 vs Casio PX-160. We’ll be comparing the actions, sound engines, speaker systems, and peripheral features – […]

Cheap vs Expensive Digital Pianos – Is it Worth it to Spend More on a Digital Piano?

Cheap vs Expensive Digital Pianos

With technology advancing at a truly rapid rate, there are more digital piano options on the market now than ever before. Navigating the digital piano market for the first time can be quite intimidating and confusing given all of the options. This article; Cheap vs Expensive Digital Pianos and its companion video are for all […]

Kawai CA99 vs Casio GP 510 | Hybrid Digital Piano Review & Comparison

Kawai CA99 vs Casio GP 510

The high-end digital piano market is more popular than ever. The level of musicality these pianos are now capable of combined with the convenience and inherent advantages of a digital instrument have made Hybrid digital pianos are a legit option for folks who would have previously only considered an acoustic piano, whether you’re a beginner […]

Digital Piano Buying Guide | How to Choose a Digital Piano

Digital Piano Buying Guide

There are a lot of ‘top 10’ lists, articles and videos out there when it comes to digital pianos. In fact, we’ve done a number of those here at Merriam Music. Today, we have something a little bit different for you with a new digital piano buying guide. How is this article going to be […]

Yamaha C2X vs Kawai GX2 | Grand Piano Comparison, Review & Demo

Yamaha C2X vs Kawai GX2

When it comes to professional quality grand pianos approaching the 6-foot classic size marker, there’s no question that one of the world’s most popular comparisons is the Yamaha C2X vs Kawai GX2 Blak. Especially in North America, these two instruments are ubiquitous in post-secondary music institutions and other fine teaching studios. In today’s article and […]

Roland FP-30X FAQ | Features, Performance, And Overall Value | Digital Piano FAQ

Roland FP-30X FAQ

The Roland FP-30X is easily one of the single most popular 88-key digital pianos currently on the market, known for its killer combination of key touch, piano sound, features, connectivity, portability and very reasonable price point. Now, if you’re considering the FP-30X and are in the midst of research, there’s a chance that very specific […]

Roland FP-90X FAQ | Get To Know The Roland FP-90X | Digital Piano FAQ

Roland FP-90X FAQ

The FP-90X is the follow-up to the Roland FP90 and the flagship portable piano of Roland’s beloved FPX series and is without question one of the most powerful and capable all-in-one portable digital pianos currently on the market. Continuing our series on the top FAQ for popular pianos, we ran the Google analytics to find […]