Creating Your Work Playlist: What Are The Most Important Considerations?

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Can music really be so loud you can’t hear yourself think? Well, according to research, it might be too loud to allow your creative juices flow. Studies have consistently shown that music triggers creative thinking. Here’s an example: Music could be an alternative to drugs as therapy for mental health issues, a report indicates. Based […]

19 Creative Interior Designs That Include Piano

If your family is made up of music lovers, then musical items are a natural choice when deciding on your home’s interiors. You can go with music-themed decors or wall arts, but a more trending choice today is to make the instrument itself the décor. A lot of homes today have a grand piano as […]

8 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About the Piano

The piano has been part and parcel of classical music for more than three centuries and has contributed greatly to modern music. First created in the early 1700’s the instrument originated from the harpsichord and has undergone various transformations over the years. Various forms of the piano include the grand piano, upright piano, digital piano and […]

Online Music Education Games for Kids

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Gaming or playing computer games is often blamed for preventing children from pursuing more productive activities. The challenge here is that gaming appeals to children because it’s fun. That’s the reason why learning has today been taken to the gaming platform so that kids have their fun and get to learn something new while they’re […]

Magical Effects of Music on Your Brain and Body

That music has a significant impact on the way you act, feel and think is an undeniable fact. But for those of you that still need proof, here’s another infographic for you: The level of impact that music will have on people’s brains and bodies is not necessarily the same. First because different genres have […]

Do you know these top 10 rock songs about Toronto?

Every great major city has at least a handful of anthems. You could probably put together an entire genre of city themed songs that could fill a few dozen i-pods. We’ve all dreamt of waking up in a in NYC after blasting “New York State Of Mind”. We lust for driving down sunset boulevard whenever the Door’s “L.A. […]

Chilly Gonzales analyzes the Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Have you fallen in love with ‘The Weekend”s latest hit? Well many folks have. In it’s first week it garnered 38 million airplay audiences, and as of October 2015, it has sold 1,852,000 copies in the US. This song is pumping through so many stereos and headphones.  And there’s good reason for it. In this video we see […]

12 Things You Will Deal With As A Music Major.


1. Getting over your claustrophobia after spending entire days in tiny practice rooms.  2. Instinctually analyze every pop song that you hear in the real world.  3. Develop a love/hate relationship with music stands.  4. Become a photoshop wizard from creating so many recital posters.  Is it bad I laughed aloud at this? #musicmajorproblems #tweetsfromcatlett — […]

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Are you still discovering new music?

Do you recall how much your high school mixtape meant to you? I’m certain you remember that party anthem that blasted through the dorms at frosh week. What about that song you played 40 times on the summer road trip up to Montreal.  Those songs became the soundtrack of some of the most formative years of […]