Kanye West’s Latest Rant Made Far More Sense Than Ususal

Kanye West is brilliant. Often misunderstood, but brilliant. So often, people are gifted with great minds, yet have difficulty articulating their message. Looking back through many interviews with Kanye West, it is easy to see the frustration. He is in an interesting situation. He has aspirations and motivation out the wazoo. He also has a […]

Adam Levine Impersonates Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Eddie Vedder

Adam Jimmy Fallon

  When you want the best musical impressions, you turn on Fallon. Hands down, the best late night show- at the very least in regards to music. Jimmy Fallon can be a jittery schoolboy behind the desk during interviews. However, as soon as the Roots drop the groove, its all business time. He isn’t a […]

Spotify Just Discovered That Heavy Metal Is More Popular Than Pop Music

This article by Vice.com states a pretty big claim. Though the data is shocking the way it has been presented, it seems to be a bit skewed for shock value. Vice did not take accessibility into account when making their claims among other things. A pop fan has a massive amount of vendors to get […]

Why Live Music?

It is so easy to get lost in the internet today. You can listen to music on facebook, bandcamp, myspace (who still uses myspace?), youtube and tons of different music apps. You can spend hours clicking link after link listening to your favourite tunes. If not that, you can so easily download any record that […]

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