15 Best Piano Apps You Need to Download Right Now in 2020 (Android & iOS)

Piano App

Want to learn the piano? Well, there’s an app for that. While they don’t replace playing an actual piano, these are the best piano apps from Android smartphones or IOS such as Ipad and Iphones that will help you practice when you’re on the go. If you’ve ever dreamt of learning to play the piano, […]

21 Classic Piano Quotes That Will Inspire You to Play

Piano Quotes

The piano is a classic instrument that has been idolized for centuries. Check out these piano quotes that will inspire you to sit down and play a melody. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dreaming about learning how to play the piano or have been playing for decades. Sometimes, you just need a little push […]

Digital vs Acoustic Pianos – What Should You Buy, What are the Differences

Roland Digital Piano

 Introduction So you’ve started shopping for a piano and you’re immediately faced with the question; should I be looking at an acoustic piano or a digital piano? Don’t fret because you’re not alone – this is a question every piano player and parent needs to answer. Despite what you may have heard from your […]

How Many Keys and Strings Does a Piano Have?

Piano Keys

 Introduction We get many questions at the piano store from customers who are trying to learn more about the instruments. But we also get inquiries from students and teachers as well, who are trying to learn more about their history, how they mechanically work, or some of the most basic questions like how many […]

30+ Piano Bar Songs You Should Absolutely Request

Piano Bar songs

Seeing the best dueling pianos live is a great night out for any music lover. Most dueling piano songs are in the rock and country music genres. Generally, the performers are operating with the goal of encouraging audience participation, rather than directly battling one another. Here are the best piano bar songs to remember to […]

Yamaha P125 vs Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Comparison, Review & Demo

ES110 Digital Piano With Stand and Pedals

 Introduction Yamaha and Kawai jointly represent the two largest mainstream acoustic piano manufacturers, and have for several decades both been highly regarded for their digital musical instruments as well. In the highest volume digital category, that of the ‘under $1000’ zone, the Yamaha P125 and Kawai ES110 are frequently compared and both deliver excellent […]

Kawai KDP110 Digital Piano Review & Demo | Action, Tone, Features & More

Kawai KDP110

 Introduction For aspiring pianists, the Kawai KDP110 is a popular entry-level digital piano that offers up incredible value in the form of great keyboard action, grand piano sounds, Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, onboard lesson functions, and premium speaker technology. Dollar for dollar, by far one of the best piano playing experiences on the market in […]

How to Choose a Digital Piano for Beginners – Digital Piano Buyer’s Guide

Roland FP-90 Digital Piano

 Introduction Selecting an entry-level digital piano can be daunting for parents who don’t have a lot of musical background; there are lots of models to choose from, with plenty of opinions floating around. What’s more, only in the last few years has this category received any sort of musical credibility, so opinions are changing […]

Kawai ND21 Upright Piano Review & Demo by Merriam Pianos

Kawai ND21

 Introduction The ND-21 is a Kawai Upright Piano that has been a disruptive and hugely successful force in the piano industry – one that has filled a previous gap in the marketplace: a 48″ upright piano from a Japanese manufacturer that directly competes against its own used products as well as those of Yamaha, […]

Kawai CN29 Digital Piano Review and Demo | Onkyo, Virtual Technician, Bluetooth®

Kawai CN29

 Introduction The CN29 offers up a huge slate of features, and in 2019 was one of Kawai’s most popular digital pianos. It represents an interesting confluence of technology and value within their overall line-up. It’s the lowest price point where you get the RHIII action (triple sensor, escapement / let-off), the Onkyo architecture for […]