Of all Kawai Pianos, Why the K400 got so much attention at NAMM 2015

Kawai Canada K400

Kawai K400 Piano Review The Kawai piano brand is in the midst of a significant swell of global popularity, driven almost exclusively by product innovation and viral customer-driven web visibility – and a conspicuous absence of marketing by Kawai Canada and Kawai US. One of the major sources for this enthusiasm has been Kawai’s K-series upright […]

What Makes The Kawai ES100 Stand Out In The Digital Piano Market?

Hi, My name is Stu Harrison, and I am coming to you from Merriam Pianos today and we are going to be talking about the #Kawai ES100 #digital #piano. Now, this a model that’s caught quite a bit of attention over the last few months since it’s been out on the market, and I had a chance […]

Kawai CS10 Review: Find Out What’s Made Kawai CS10 The Top Choice In The Premium Digital Piano Market For A Full 12 Months


Kawai CS10 Review: The Top Choice Of Premium Digital Pianos Hi, I’m Stu Harrison, and I’m here at Merriam Pianos in Oakville Canada, just outside of Toronto. We’re going to be looking at Kawai’s new upright piano, the Kawai CS10.  Now it sounds great, and looks great, but one thing that is not going to be […]

An Intro To Recording The Grand Piano

The Grand Piano is amongst the hardest instruments to record. Full of dynamics and ambience, it is also one of the most versatile instruments. Used on a wide array of musical genres, there is truly an endless library of piano sounds. Getting the perfect sound for the project is no easy task. This requires skill, high […]

Kawai KDP90 – An Amazing Digital Piano!


If you look at the article I wrote “Digital or Acoustic Piano – What Should I Get My Child?” you will understand that digital pianos in today’s market are amazing and use incredible technology to “sound” and “feel” like an acoustic piano. This means that students can now start on a digital piano which is […]

Digital or Acoustic Piano – What Should I Get My Child?

Digital Pianos In Classrooms

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in front of my old Heintzman upright piano, playing one of my first pieces from the Leila Fletcher beginner’s piano book. That old piano seemed as a big as a house to me, and I remember having to really push the keys hard to make it […]

Fighting Decades-old Stigma, Some Chinese Pianos Impress On World Stage

The piano industry always seems to be dealing with its own taboos, in every era.  in the 1980’s and 1990’s, composite parts was one of the loudest debates; currently, the debate over China has largely taken its place.  However, just as with composites, it will very likely be customers who lead the industry on this […]

Acoustic vs. Digital – Which is the best option for YOU?

Most professionals still consider higher levels of playing, and certainly performance, to be the exclusive domain of acoustic pianos.  However, with the advent of faster processors and more authentic-feeling key actions, digital pianos have become a viable alternative to acoustic pianos for many people just starting out on their piano adventure.  As a major retailer […]

Do I really need a 48" Upright?

Background The world’s best-selling piano of all time, to date, is the U1 – Yamaha’s juggernaut from the 1970’s and 1980’s – which is still produced today, but in limited numbers.  If you are not familiar with it, the U1 is basically the Toyota Corolla of the piano business, selling millions of units, with a […]