Recent Scientific Research Suggests That Bass Players Are The Main Success Factor For Bands

Funny Cassette Tape Playing Bass Guitar Wallpaper

Bassists are often the most overlooked instrumentalists in any musical group. In fact, there’s a chance you’ll find several members of an audience with no idea about what bassists do or why they’re even there. This doesn’t take away from the critical important that bass plays in any performance. In fact, while they may not […]

Is That Loud Music Damaging Your Ears?

Some of us like loud music. Some of us don’t. But we should all be concerned about damaging our ears if we’re going to enjoy our favorite music for as long as possible. You probably already know that loud music can hurt your ears. What you may not know is that loud noise is so […]

Learning Music Empowers Your Child for Supernormal Success—Science Says So

Does your kid kick up a fuss when you take him/her for the weekly piano class? Are you ready to give up in despair? Don’t! Several studies have shown that learning music empowers your child’s cognitive and psychical abilities and also helps with overall psychological development. Musical training accentuates perception, memory, analytic and reasoning skills, […]

The Neuro-plastic Side of Melodies – How Music Rewires the Brain’s Cognitive Sockets

Apart from being the entertainment staple for most of the humans, music rewires the brain is a medicine with time-tested effectiveness to back its reputation. For years, rock music has been known to evoke thoughts of power and vision in the brains of people listening to it. 21st-century studies have explored and documented the positive […]

7 Tried And Tested Tips That Will Get Your Music Students Practicing More

Your music students probably love to play their instruments, but if you’re like most music teachers, you’ve observed that practice seems to be a common challenge for most of them. As a music teacher, you want to see your students excel, so it’s important for you to find creative ways to encourage them to practice. […]

Magical Effects of Music on Your Brain and Body

That music has a significant impact on the way you act, feel and think is an undeniable fact. But for those of you that still need proof, here’s another infographic for you: The level of impact that music will have on people’s brains and bodies is not necessarily the same. First because different genres have […]

Does Music Hold the Key to ADHD Treatment?

Music is known to activate the brain in a myriad of ways. For children and even adults with ADHD, music therapy has been found to bolster their focus and attention, as well as reduce hyperactivity and strengthen social skills. Children with ADHD are therefore able to use music to train their brains, enhancing their self-control […]

How the Magic of Music Proves Therapeutic for Patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Henry is an elderly man with dementia. His story was captured in this viral video. His moving story is living proof the transformational power of music. This is what gives meaning to all of the lab coat laden study’s on the effects of music. Henry flips from a quiet, still elderly man, unable to recognize even […]

Is playing the piano re-wiring your brain?

Brain on music

Are those music lessons actually changing your brain’s structure and function? Recent research says yes. This study focused on the symmetry of brain activity. We know that learning music has a big impact on our brain. Pinpointing how exactly it effects us is the next big thing. We know that musicians are better at identifying pitch […]

Why do some people get chills when they listen to their favourite music?

Ever heard of “Musical Frisson”? Even if you haven’t, you’ll know what I mean in a second. Its that tingly feeling that shoots through your body. Triggered by your favourite songs, or types of music. The lovely sensation will often shoot down the spine and out across your limbs in a shiver of ecstacy. What the […]