Music Lessons – Scientists understand why your parents were right all along

hands of child playing piano

The next time your kid becomes agitated or throws a tantrum because they want to play their favorite video game instead of participating in that family outing, try sending them to piano lessons instead of their room. Scientists have now found a direct correlation between studying music and the emotional and behavioral maturation in children. […]

Is there a Right Time to Sign Up for Drumming Lessons?


If you want to enroll your children for drumming lessons, the first real question that you will need to answer is whether the child wants to play the drums or not. But if you see your child tapping along to music one day and decide to look into the possibility then it is very important […]

Are drummers really musicians?

Yes. Of course drummers are musicians! Drummers have such a massive role in music, and it is straight up wrong to not consider them on the same level as the rest of the band. Do they have a rather specialized role? Yes. Does it take a massive amount of skill, creativity, and musicianship to pull […]

How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity

Did you know that every time musicians pick up their instruments there are fireworks going off all over their brain? On the outside they make look calm and focussed reading the music and making the precise and practised movements required, but inside their brains, there’s a party going on. How do we know this? Well, in the […]

How can you tell a good drummer and a bad drummer apart?

Practice tips drums

  target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Via Are the best drummers in the world always the most noticeable ones? Often times, the best drummers are not always memorable. In most forms of music, the percussion is not the center of attention. This goes for most instruments in a band too. When you’re doing your job right, no one […]

Watch Neil Peart Give a Tour Of His Drum Kit

Anyone who is familiar with the band Rush will probably be aware of Neil Peart’s gargantuan drum set. He sits behind a circular wall of drums, cymbals, and other various percussion instruments. The majority of the footage recently released on their R40 Box set, is of just the top of Neil Peart’s head behind his […]

This Kickstarter Could Change Drumming For Life

This is going to be a game changer. For decades there have been electronic drums. They have- For the most part, been lousy. In recent years, the sound banks used for electronic drums have made leaps and bounds of progress, but the triggers have still fallen short. The rubbery pads feel nothing like a real […]

New Study Shows Acheiving Perfect Pitch Now Possible

Perfect Pitch

Oh the ever so elusive perfect pitch. I remember one of my first encounters with someone with perfect pitch. I was at band camp (Band camp is awesome. Don’t knock it till you try it) and one of my fellow campers claimed to have perfect pitch. To prove he wasn’t full of it, we tried to test […]

Wyatt The Baby Drummer Prodigy Takes On Pantera!

Baby Drummer

This adorable little rock star has been tearing it up! Since this video went viral, Wyatt and his father have been featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and also received a shoutout from Pantera and a brand new D1 DDrum kit! Check out this metal machine in the making!   We’re not exactly sure who […]

The Open Jam Survival Guide for Drummers

Practice tips drums

When you look in the local music listings, you’ll often see an Open Jam hosted on a weeknight at a live music venue. These can be a great opportunity to get out and play in your community. For players looking to make professional connections, a lot of these jams are run by known local musicians, […]