5 Simple Tips Every Drummer Needs To Know

Drum Lessons

Sometimes it seems like meaningful progress takes forever. After starting out quickly on an instrument, many people hit a point where each small improvement takes a large investment of time, and it can be frustrating! For drummers, this often happens when trying to master some advanced coordination, which requires as much mental practice as physical. […]

“I Want To Quit” – How To End The Whining And Keep Your Kids In Music Lessons.

Kids in Music Lessons

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not an easy task. Book an apointment with one of our Admissions Specialists Today       X X X Music is a complex language that requires significant amounts of mental energy, patience and dedication on the part of students and parents along with lots and lots […]

Tips To A Great Drum Sound

piano players learning drums

Drums…where do I start. Drums are my favourite instrument to record. Every kit, and every player are different, and present their own unique challenges. It is exciting, and a little bit scary! Here are some helpful tips that I have picked up that will step up your drum sound, and make recording them a little […]

Why any serious pianist should take at least one drum lesson.

piano players learning drums

Most musicians play more than one instrument. For some it is for calls to more gigs (do your best to find me a flute player that hasn’t picked up a sax to make ends meet). For some it’s just the love of music. For others it is to gain a serious edge on their main instrument. For […]