Who’s Interested in Practically ZERO-RISK Piano Lessons? Take Advantage of this Amazing Limited Time Offer on Piano Lessons Today!

Are You interested in Free Piano Lessons? Well, nothing in life is free but we think that this is about as free as it gets 🙂 Hi, I’m Stu Harrison and if you’re seeing this it probably means looking for piano lessons in one of the great areas of the GTA where our services are […]

Tips To A Great Drum Sound

piano players learning drums

Drums…where do I start. Drums are my favourite instrument to record. Every kit, and every player are different, and present their own unique challenges. It is exciting, and a little bit scary! Here are some helpful tips that I have picked up that will step up your drum sound, and make recording them a little […]

Why any serious pianist should take at least one drum lesson.

piano players learning drums

Most musicians play more than one instrument. For some it is for calls to more gigs (do your best to find me a flute player that hasn’t picked up a sax to make ends meet). For some it’s just the love of music. For others it is to gain a serious edge on their main instrument. For […]

Digital or Acoustic Piano – What Should I Get My Child?

Digital Pianos In Classrooms

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in front of my old Heintzman upright piano, playing one of my first pieces from the Leila Fletcher beginner’s piano book. That old piano seemed as a big as a house to me, and I remember having to really push the keys hard to make it […]

Bandchops Readies for their New Digs

School of Rock

We are very excited to be just a few weeks away from moving into the Bandchops Program’s brand new digs!!!  We’ve been watching the lower level of Merriam’s Oakville campus transform over the last couple months, and the expansion and improvements in gear, capacity, and technology is jaw-dropping.  Watch for updates on how we’ll be […]