Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You, According to Science

When to start music lessons

Today’s featured article tackles one of the most talked about topics……. If your parents ever submitted you to regular music lessons as a kid, you probably got in a fight with them once or twice about it. Psychological studies continue to uncover more and more benefits that music lessons provide to developing minds. The following […]

Persistence is Essential to Your Child’s Success With Piano Lessons. Read This To Find Out Why

Kids Music Lessons

Success in music equals success in life. We’ve heard it time and time again, whether it’s a New York Times article, or a Columbia University study. It would seem that the same traits that are required to succeed in music, lend themselves quite well to becoming leading scientists, visionaries, directors, entrepreneurs, and doctors. After all, […]

How Soon Can Your Child Start Music Lessons?

Music Lessons for Children

Children are capable of learning musical principals from a very early age- research has proven it. Yet there remains a pervasive bias against starting children “too young”. The benefits of music lessons on young minds is significant and broad ­based. Parents who have figured this out can help their children lead happier, more successful lives. Musicians, on average, […]

“I Want To Quit” – How To End The Whining And Keep Your Kids In Music Lessons.

Kids in Music Lessons

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not an easy task. Book an apointment with one of our Admissions Specialists Today       X X X Music is a complex language that requires significant amounts of mental energy, patience and dedication on the part of students and parents along with lots and lots […]

Digital or Acoustic Piano – What Should I Get My Child?

Digital Pianos In Classrooms

It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in front of my old Heintzman upright piano, playing one of my first pieces from the Leila Fletcher beginner’s piano book. That old piano seemed as a big as a house to me, and I remember having to really push the keys hard to make it […]