Piano Learning For Everyone – Vital Info To Help You Take Control

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Contrary to popular misconceptions, there is no ideal age for enrolling in piano lessons. So stop giving excuses that you’re too young or too old to start, you just need the right attitude and eagerness to learn. And it is totally fine if you want to start learning on your own through a series of […]

What Are The Main Reasons Why People Drop Out Of Piano Lessons?

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So you think you’ll just pick up any instrument and hit the right chords automatically? Well, reality is different, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, playing the piano requires immense effort and patience. Piano lessons are not everyone’s cup of tea. Statistics show how most piano students quit their music classes within weeks of […]

How Do I Get Started Learning Jazz Piano?

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It is the spontaneity of creative expression that demarcates the boundary between classical and jazz playing styles. Jazz piano transcends the realms of classical playing and encompasses distinctive sounds and rhythms which are developed by awe-inspiring techniques of improvisation. Since each jazz style is characterized by a unique chord progression and beats, your jazz lessons […]

The Mystery Of Jazz Music Revealed

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If you ask most people about jazz music, they will tell you it’s this complex type of music that is quite removed from the usual. Before you dismiss it for an “out-of-bounds” area of music for you, this post will help you appreciate this unusual style of music. What is it? One of the first […]

The 3 Most Important People In The Life Of Any Musician

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Any musician, whether they only sing, or play an instrument, or both, need certain people around them. The journey toward success is never lonesome. There are crucial people that play a huge role in making the journey successful. As a musician, it is important to realize that people are precious resources. Wondering which of them […]

Top 10 Tips to Overcome Stage Fear before Your Piano Recital (Scientist-Recommended)

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Do you suffer from stage fright? Does your heart start beating like a drum just before a performance? Well, if you feel light-headed or tense before a piano recital, you can take gratification in the fact that you’re not the only one. The problem with being nervous is that it’s just the beginning, as it […]

Top 10 Jazz Standards To Play On The Piano

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[bctt tweet=”It is incredible how much learning jazz standards improves our playing. “]Jazz standards are standards for a reason! These tunes have stood the test of time, and will teach you so much. Standards will force you to learn how to play over new changes, and will add to your overall harmonic and melodic knowledge. Becoming […]

Scientists Have Proven A Strong Link Between Lanugage And Music With Jazz!

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We’ve often heard music compared closely to language. We have even heard of music referred to AS a language. This recent study from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine in Baltimore has found a very strong link between language and music- specifically jazz improvisation. It makes sense to focus on Jazz. It is a predominantly improvised […]

Top 9 Jazz Albums Of All Time

It is hard to quantify one song or album as better than another. These 9 albums are considered some of the greatest ever recorded from the “modern” jazz music era of the 40’s – 70’s. These records will be in any jazz musician’s music library, or any serious jazz listener. These albums paved the way […]