The Case For Music Theory – Why Invest In It?

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In life, things explain other things in amazing ways. For instance, in any building, there is a foundation, which is the defining factor of how strong the building will be and also determines how high the building can go. Deep foundations can support tall structures, while one-storied buildings or bungalows don’t need foundations that are […]

How To Shatter Writer’s Block And Rock On With Awesome Songwriting

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Composing a piece of amazing melody can be a tricky affair indeed! One of the biggest challenges confronted during this fascinating journey is to overcome those intimidating spells of songwriter’s blocks! These dreadful situations do crop up once in a while, and seem to sap all your creativity and enthusiasm. The worst part is that, […]

8 Methods To Improve Your Singing Skills Beginning This Moment

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Are you somebody who hums along to the tunes of your favorite melody when you think no one’s watching or sing out loud while in the shower? And, do you get all sweaty and fidgety when asked to sing in front of a group of people? If yes, then this is the guide the world […]

The Sound Of Music – Empowering Humanity’s Gift Of Language

Do you remember coming across a person in life who does not love music? The power of music is so intense that succumbing to its sweetness seems to be the most spontaneous reaction of individuals! When it comes to the role of music in human lives, the aspect of relaxation or entertainment is just the […]

What Makes Adele’s Hello Such A Smashing Hit?


That Adele’s Hello might just be the hit song of the decade is not in question. She broke plenty of industry records, including becoming the first in the industry to achieve 1 billion YouTube views for the video in just three months of its uploading. The streaming service announced Thursday that her music video for […]

The Code Of Creative Songwriting Cracked Like A Pro – Here Are Key Takeaways


Music is the universal language that speaks to your very soul while the lyrics are the syntax, a rhythmic concrete structure into which the abstractedness of the melody is moulded. From the dawn of civilization to the present times, music has been an integral and indispensable part of our lives. If you are sad, upset […]

The Men’s Guide To Manly Singing – Ladies, Please Excuse

Sami Yusuf

Pick a pebble, heave it, chances are it’ll hit a Chris Martin fan. For many, the best part of the day is that musical date with the Chris Martins and Justin Timberlakes, at the end of a rough day. This date is an escape from reality listening to his soothing voice. Music is universal; it […]

Could Exposure To Training Be Making Musicians’ Brains More Symmetrical?


We’ve already established that you can expect your brain to change in both structure and function when you engage in musical activity. This is particularly the case when you learn to play a musical instrument as it demands a high level of brain activity compared to other daily activities. For instance, when playing a piano […]

Are Musicians’ Brain Waves Really Better At Syncing With The Music?


Scientists have found the group of people that might respond the most to music – musicians. As they spend more and more time around music, musicians’ brains increasingly become more synchronized with the rhythms. In a new study, New York University researchers isolated the rhythms in the brain that can coordinate with music. However, only […]

Singing Can Help Improve Your Child’s Speech!

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Developing children can really benefit from music – and not just in one way. In addition to boosting their moods, keeping them on their feet and helping to build their confidence, research also shows that including music in a child’s life can also improve their speech. Music can improve literacy. “The way we process musical […]