Tips to Help You Master the Art of Singing

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Music teachers come across many people who claim that they cannot sing no matter how much they try. Nonetheless, trainers tell them about the few things that, if implemented, can enable them to sing. Every person possesses a unique kind of voice. Categorically, there are two kinds of singers. While some singers are technically sound, […]

7 Simple and Effective Tricks to Help You Sing High Notes Better

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If you’re struggling with high notes, let us assure you that even the best singers have been where you are someday. The only thing you need is time, practice and patience, so follow these tips and you’ll be singing like Adele or Freddie Mercury in no time at all. Obviously, for stepping out of the […]

How to Train Your Ear for Years of Success with Music and Singing

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Some people believe that without music, life would be incomplete. But for some others, life would just be pointless. The passion for music is the foremost requirement for a successful music career, but there are some things that can make it even more fruitful. Training your ear to listen for the right notes and tunes […]

The Difference between a Good and a Great Audition – The Perfect Song

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It’s often amazing for singers to stroll down the memory lane and think about their lives’ important auditions. Many would agree that the right choice of song can infinitely increase or decrease the chances of an audition going as plan or off it. Preparing and appearing for an audition can make you really nervous. And […]

Do You Know Just How Many Benefits of Singing You Can Enjoy? [Infographic]

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You don’t need to be a good singer to enjoy singing. It will get you energized and excited, and smiling if you were in a bad mood. In fact, as this mother discovered, singing is beneficial even when you’re not in the mood for singing. My older son sings in a choir. He really enjoys […]

Artist in the Spotlight: The Charisma, Musicality, and Vibrant Personality of Stromae


Stromae has become a sensation since dropping his first big hit ” Alors on Dance“. The song was remixed by Kanye West and had the Belgian artist’s name buzzing in North America. Fast forward a few years later, Stromae releases ” Racine Carrée“. His hit second album earned him a world tour selling out the largest venues […]

What Does Is It Really Mean To Be A Self-Taught Musician?

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Being a self-taught musician gives you serious bragging rights – that is not in question. However, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with being self-taught, because when most people hear that an instrumentalist is self-taught, they automatically assume the person took up an instrument and figured out how to play with no help from […]

10 Phenomenal Reasons for Parents to Enroll Kids for Music Lessons

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They say that music is food for the soul, but what they don’t tell you is that music has a number of intrinsic benefits when taught to young people. Musicians and music fans have always advocated the need for music and instruments training. And, a number of recent studies have revealed that music can actually […]

4 Vital Lessons All Vocalists Should Learn From Instrumentalists

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Vocalists are often at the receiving end of negative stereotypes about their abilities, particularly when they are in competition with instrumentalists. However, vocalists are just as musical as their instrumentalist counterparts, and their skills are just as difficult to develop. The major difference between the two groups of musicians is in their approach to music. […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Skill In Playing and Singing Simultaneously

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Most musicians will focus on just one instrument and stick to that. However, the voice being an instrument, some musicians have gone the extra mile to learn how to sing while playing another instrument, reaping significant benefits as a result. As an instrumentalist, it can be incredibly valuable to learn how to sing as it […]