4 Major Reasons Why Music Is Really Being Cut From Schools

Anxiety is a common companion for music advocates, parents, teachers, and even students at the end of every budget cycle as they wait to find out whether their favorite programs have been cut. Cutting music programs has become commonplace in many of the public schools of the developed world. They always seem to be the […]

Music Lessons – How Much Talent Do You Need To Learn Music?


How much talent do you need to learn music? It’s a question that I have been asked hundreds of times. The idea that one needs to possess a high level of talent can have a huge impact on whether or not that person chooses to study music. This thought also influences the decision on whether […]

Music Lessons – Scientists understand why your parents were right all along

hands of child playing piano

The next time your kid becomes agitated or throws a tantrum because they want to play their favorite video game instead of participating in that family outing, try sending them to piano lessons instead of their room. Scientists have now found a direct correlation between studying music and the emotional and behavioral maturation in children. […]

Singing – A Melodious Therapy for Aging Adults

elderly singing

Apart from the artistic appeal, music has the power to simulate very real, critical, and cherished human emotions. Right from cartoon theme songs to cult rock anthems, from action songs for children to ballads with beautiful lyrics, from celebration songs played year after year to classical tunes from several decades back – different songs and […]

4 Major Lessons Instrumentalists Should Learn From Vocalists

A world where singers and instrumentalists coexist as equals can lead to amazingly creative contributions to music. However, although there are some examples where this type of working relationship exists, in the vast majority of cases the musical divisions between vocalists and instrumentalists are quite prevalent. While this may be attributed to human nature – […]

Top 3 mistakes musicians have to realize they’re making before they can become better

Musicians are arguably the most fun group of people to hang around with! Seriously. Next time you’re at a corporate function that hired a live band, and you are sore from rubbing elbows all evening- Go hang out with the musicians. They’re a good load of fun. One of the few downsides of hanging out […]

How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity

Did you know that every time musicians pick up their instruments there are fireworks going off all over their brain? On the outside they make look calm and focussed reading the music and making the precise and practised movements required, but inside their brains, there’s a party going on. How do we know this? Well, in the […]

A Sound Engineer Has Discovered 20 Unfinished Michael Jackson Tracks!

Michael Jackson was a musical genius. His songs impacted the lives of millions, and continue to do so today. It was a tragic loss to music in 2009 when the king of pop passed away. But what if there was more? Michael Jackson was a perfectionist. That was one of the greatest things about him. […]

New Study Shows Acheiving Perfect Pitch Now Possible

Perfect Pitch

Oh the ever so elusive perfect pitch. I remember one of my first encounters with someone with perfect pitch. I was at band camp (Band camp is awesome. Don’t knock it till you try it) and one of my fellow campers claimed to have perfect pitch. To prove he wasn’t full of it, we tried to test […]