SHANAYA PATEL VIDEO: Have You Always Wanted To Learn How To Sing?

Shania Patel

S H A N A Y A     P A T E L Shanaya Patel has always wanted to sing. And she consistently charms and wows audiences whenever she steps in front of a microphone. But she didn’t always feel comfortable on stage, didn’t always know how to control her breath, how to properly […]

“I Want To Quit” – How To End The Whining And Keep Your Kids In Music Lessons.

Kids in Music Lessons

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not an easy task. Book an apointment with one of our Admissions Specialists Today       X X X Music is a complex language that requires significant amounts of mental energy, patience and dedication on the part of students and parents along with lots and lots […]

Using Delay With Vocals

There are many ways to get a vocal to sit right in a mix. Simply using EQ and compression only go so far. One very effective way to achieve this is to use delay tricks. Simply using delay, you can put your vocals in the same space as the band, or send them deep into […]