Switching Instruments? Here’s What You Need To Know

various musical intruments

Learning a musical instrument can be fun and adventurous or pure torture, depending on how you look at it. If you are passionate about learning musical instruments, then this post is for you. If you started on one musical instrument and you’re developing an interest in another, go ahead – you can learn as many as […]

Becoming A Multi-Instrumentalist – The Basic Ingredients

the different instruments

Playing any instrument at a professional level is no mean feat. That’s why becoming a pro at more than one instrument is something worth celebrating. The question is, what does it take to become a multi-instrumentalist? The following advice from Willy M will help you get started: Passion Of course, there has to be real […]

The Biggest Question Every Drumming Enthusiast is Asking – Where and How to Begin?


Ask a crazy drummer; he/she is ready to give up everything to be as good as them. However most of these drumming enthusiasts get disillusioned by the lack of proper knowledge as to where to begin. This post is especially dedicated to these future-stars who cannot wait to start creating new grooves. How to look […]

Taking Drumming Lessons Could Be Your Child’s First Steps Towards Holistic Well-Being – Here’s Why

drumming boy

The drummer – the person that transforms a good band into a great band, a powerhouse of passion and stamina that keeps the rest of the band in sync and in the groove during marathon performances, and an exhibition of the skill of coordination, control, and rhythm. In spite of guitarists hogging limelight, drummers continue […]

Drummers Are Exceptionally Smart: Scientists Discover The Unique Qualities Of Drummers’ Brains


Drummers are often dismissed as not having a lot of acumen, and they even end up at the receiving end of not-so-nice jokes. In the music world, drummers always bear the brunt of the joke. Most have the same punchline: Drummers are idiots. Take, for example, the following: “How do you tell if the stage […]

Is there a Right Time to Sign Up for Drumming Lessons?


If you want to enroll your children for drumming lessons, the first real question that you will need to answer is whether the child wants to play the drums or not. But if you see your child tapping along to music one day and decide to look into the possibility then it is very important […]

What Everyone Should Know About Buying Your First Drums

What kind of drums

You’ve been putting in your time on your practice pad… or your parents have just signed you up for lessons… and now it’s time to head over to the store and look at a new drumset. It’s super-exciting! But getting a beginner drumset is a major commitment and it’s beneficial for beginning drummers and their […]