How To Stop Making The Most Common Piano Practice Mistakes

black grand piano

Mistakes are the stepping stones to success alright, but it doesn’t take long for these errors to be ingrained in your habits permanently, damaging your prospects of doing well with the piano. There is anyways so much to handle while learning the piano, such as correct technique and a proper practice routine, that casualness and […]

How Gifted Children Can Learn Piano Through Proper Goal Setting

balls and a goal

The piano is an instrument that has attracted the attention of many people in the world. Anyone interested in learning it can achieve their dream if the right support is given to them. Gifted kids are no exception, and they should be given the support they need as they explore their talents and abilities. Care […]

Back to Basics – The Unforgettable Lessons Every Pianist Swears By

man playing the piano

With its soft smooth notes and deep sound, the piano is perhaps the best instrument for aspiring musicians who want to make it big in the industry. The keys and chords of the piano have a language of their own – a code that every emerging pianist strives to master. You must be familiar with […]

Becoming A Multi-Instrumentalist – The Basic Ingredients

the different instruments

Playing any instrument at a professional level is no mean feat. That’s why becoming a pro at more than one instrument is something worth celebrating. The question is, what does it take to become a multi-instrumentalist? The following advice from Willy M will help you get started: Passion Of course, there has to be real […]

What Has Music Got To Do With Behavior?

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It has been said over and over again that music is powerful and is one of the rare media that can bypass the mind and reach the soul. How that happens is still a mystery to many people. Music is amazing in many ways and is a subject of research the world over. It has […]

Music Education Makes for Well-Rounded Individuals – Before and After School

An endless list of researchers have proven that learning how to play an instrument contributes significantly to a child’s cognitive abilities. For instance, if you’re wondering where else your kids can develop outstanding hand-eye coordination away from violent video games, get them to learn how to play an instrument. In fact, depending on the instrument, […]

Do you know these top 10 rock songs about Toronto?

Every great major city has at least a handful of anthems. You could probably put together an entire genre of city themed songs that could fill a few dozen i-pods. We’ve all dreamt of waking up in a in NYC after blasting “New York State Of Mind”. We lust for driving down sunset boulevard whenever the Door’s “L.A. […]

Scientists Have Proven A Strong Link Between Lanugage And Music With Jazz!

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We’ve often heard music compared closely to language. We have even heard of music referred to AS a language. This recent study from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine in Baltimore has found a very strong link between language and music- specifically jazz improvisation. It makes sense to focus on Jazz. It is a predominantly improvised […]

Piano Recycling at its finest!

Piano recycling at it's best

This old piano that was sadly beyond repair (insect damage). Some had previously disassembled the piano and he recycled it. It’s now serving as a planter while pumping out 2000 gallons of water/hr as a fountain! Via Abandoned piano repurposed into a beautiful water fountain for a garden — Motivation (@FreakyTheory) February 22, […]