If you are reading this on a computer, there is an excellent chance that you are wearing, or within arm’s reach of, a pair of headphones or earbuds. Take a second to think… What do those headphones mean to me? Is it a sense of privacy? Some see headphones as a productivity tool. Others might view headphones as an escape. Regardless of how you view them now, they have made an impact on how we listen to music.

Music has historically been quite a social art form. It bands groups of people together. A musical style can unify a country or city. Music is used to share stories and emotions with others. It has been a staple in human gatherings for thousands of years. Yet when playing music through headphones, it becomes a very private experience.

137086957Headphones put you in a bubble. They whisk you off to a realm of whatever you’ve loaded into your i-pod. Regardless of where you physically are, you can still change your environment with 2 earbuds, and a music player. Those two wires dangling from your ears build an invisible box around you. You can shape the space however you want. It’s yours, and you are in control. Is corporate running around the office loosing their minds on this quarter’s numbers? All you need is 2 earbuds and your computer to teleport off to the soothing land of Frank Sinatra.

Those same earbuds are a serious social cue. Approaching a stranger on the street to ask for directions can already be a daunting task for some. Now say that stranger had headphones on. Asking them for directions now includes popping their precious little personal bubble of music. You’re probably going to wander another 2 blocks in search of someone with unobstructed ears.

With more and more people walking around with earbuds jammed deep in their ear canals, the streets become ironically quieter. Physically they are here, but their minds are elsewhere. People flock to big cities to feel a part of something big. The hustle bustle of millions of people is energizing. We have always found ourselves safer in numbers, yet the thought of constant human interaction can be overwhelming. Headphones help with that. They are the new social cue of saying “I’m here, but not present”.


Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize

https://www.merriammusic.com/bass-is-important/Via merriammusic.com Though bassists are the butt of many musical jokes, they play a surprisingly large role in most music groups. Bassists are playing notes much lower than the rest of the band. A low note on a bass is giving context to every other harmonic and melodic sound happening with the rest of the band.

Pearl Jam helps teach Ethiopian Students English – Video – Merriam Music – Toronto’s Top Piano Store & Music School

https://www.merriammusic.com/ethiopian-pearl-jam/Via merriammusic.com Music is a bit of a swiss army knife. A tool for health, happiness, education, motivation… we’ve all read those articles. This story is a real life example of one of the  “New study proves music benefits _____ “. Here we have an unintentionally brilliant use of music in education. No one was wearing lab coats. There was no fundraiser thrown for a promising yet vague thesis statement. This was an authentic. An innocent passion for music that made a true difference in the lives of those in need.