Hi. This is Stu Harrison, here with Merriam Pianos.

And I’m in the Oakville Campus, just outside of Toronto, Canada. And I’m going to be introducing the W. Hoffman line of grand pianos that just arrived at Merriam less than a month ago. This is an acquisition in a new line for us that really has us excited for many reasons. And I want to take a couple of minutes, briefly tell you a little bit about that, but then really just get to the instruments, do a little bit of playing and let you hear these things in your home.

The reason that we were so excited about this is, first of all, it introduces us and gets us connected with the entire C.Bechstein line of pianos, which is one of the most highly respected, oldest piano institutions in the world. And so the Hoffman line is their mid-range line and something that we’ve always known about for a while, but until very recently, we weren’t able to bring it into the Merriam fold.

Hoffman Grand Piano 175
Image Courtesy of Coach House PIano

So what does this do for our lineup? What is this going to offer you as a customer? Well, the Hoffman grands bring a lot of things to the table. For one, the instruments come from their Czech Republic factory, just outside of Prague. And this is something that really connects with a lot of people.

In a world where many, many many of our products are mass produced and they’re coming from factories which we don’t know the name of, we don’t know who put the piano together, it’s nice to actually know that these were assembled, put together by hand, in a factory, in a relatively small town where the artistry of piano building has been alive and well for well over a century. It’s a bit of history that it’s nice to connect with.

Musically speaking, these pianos bring a lot to the table. They’re incredibly clear in tone. The bass is rich, it’s complex, but yet still has nice separation. The action is crisp. It’s not featherweight light, but from a weight standpoint, right down the middle, but very easy to control.

And particularly with the 175, you just sit down and you feel immediate response with the piano. So it’s a very connected instrument. The tonal profile is extremely European in nature. For those who played on German pianos before, you’ll be used to that nice, clear, clean tone, but still with some complexity to it, and certainly, it’s what we’re going to hear with the Hoffmans.

Now we’ve selected two models to be a part of the Hoffman grand line up here at Merriam. And that is the Hoffman 158 and the Hoffman 175, which, if you’re converting from centimeters, works at approximately to a 5 foot 4 and about a 5 foot 9 in length. These were the two that we were most impressed with when we had the chance to visit the factory, and felt that it would meet the needs of the vast majority of our customers.

Hoffman Grand Piano 175
Image Courtesy of Coach House Pianos

So that’s all I’m going to say about the pianos until you have the chance to hear them, which, as I said, is really the exciting part and what I wanted to share the most with you today.

All right, so now we’re going to get to the playing. So I’m on the Hoffman 175, which is about the 5 foot 9. And we’re recording this with Zoom H4n Recorder. We just got it perched just inside the piano. That’s the only mic-ing that we’re doing on it, and it’s how we always do our mic-ing so it’s consistent and we play with absolutely no effects. So you’re hearing as close to what we’re hearing here as possible. I’m going to get started.

Very clear sound, lots of complexity there, a lot of fun to play. Anyway, thanks so much for listening again. I’m Stu Harrison from Merriam Pianos, and you’ve been listening to the Bechstein-built Hoffman 175. Thanks so much.

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