Looking for a professional tutor to teach you the technicalities of the piano? Someone who can guide you, support you in your musical journey? Well, a marvelous piano teacher is not only an eternal source of encouragement but also an inspiration for budding pianists who want to make it big in the music industry.

An experienced tutor not only realizes your potential but also helps you harness it. Kids, adults, amateur musicians – everyone needs a tutor. Read on to find out the essential qualities that separate a marvelous piano teacher from a good one.

Keyboard or piano

Decide whether you want to learn using a large piano or want to press a key on the modern electronic keyboard. And while the musical equipment is almost the same there are some minor differences in the playing techniques. Remember, you’d ideally want to seek mentorship from an expert, not someone who is mediocre with an instrument.

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Private lessons or music groups

Do you want a private piano tutor or join music classes? Before you begin your search for a competent music teacher, think about the learning environment that would be conducive, and align your choices with your short term goals. Both have their own ups and downs; while a private tutor will be able to give you his undivided attention there won’t be adequate exposure and interaction with other budding musicians if you join a music group.

Musical qualification

Once you’ve decided the kind of music lessons you want, the next step is to gather more information about the qualifications of your music tutor. Is he/she specialized in specific music niches? Have they ever gone through formal training to deliver in the shoes of a piano instructor? Ideally, you’d want a professional pianist to teach you. Better still; look for someone with a music degree from a prestigious university. A degree adds on to the credibility of the teacher, establishing his worth.

Make sure it has not heightened their ego, though.

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It is always recommended that you press a key (pun intended) for a tutor who’s had some experience in teaching, apart from playing piano in front of audiences. There might be musicians and pianists who possess the perfect piano playing skills but only a few know how to communicate it to their students.

A terrific piano teacher would identify your talent and nurture it patiently helping you become a better pianist. They not only teach you the chords and notes but also explains the emotional content of the music piece.

Encourages creativity

Music is not all about a series of keys and notes; there is a lot of emotion involved, and a suitable tutor helps you articulate your feelings through the medium of a piano. They understand the value of creativity and uniqueness encouraging you to improvise on a particular piece. Look for a teacher whose lessons and playing techniques are just not confined to the conventional rules; find someone who knows how to enjoy the music!


The behavior and temperament of the piano teacher speak volumes about his personality. The teacher should be strict enough to command respect but also know how to cut some slack! Often budding musicians are demotivated because of harsh comments and excessive pressure of their tutors. Look for an instructor with a pleasant temperament, someone who understands the student’s mind, and can enrich the minds of his students with his experience and expertise.

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Call them for a demo lesson

Once you’ve decided on a competent music teacher try scheduling a lesson to check their teaching technique. This not only ensures the student-teacher compatibility but also gives you a fair idea about the qualifications of the teacher. A direct link with the tutor also aligns you better to his temperament.

Fees and class timings 

The finances and logistics associated with the piano lessons must also be taken into consideration. Check when the prospective music tutor will be available to give lessons. Also, consider your budget; the fee charged by the teacher is a major factor, considering it’s a long term engagement. Established tutors usually charge more; however, there are teachers who give lessons at pretty affordable rates.

How to acquire a fantastic music teacher?

Check out the piano tutors in your locality, you can also consider the music schools and groups in your neighborhood. These lessons are usually listed online where you can easily find the contact details and addresses. You can also harness a head start by subscribing to the many tutorial videos posted by music teachers online. Listed below are some other ways you can locate a tutor:

  • Check out the local music store
  • Pay attention to the recommendations by friends and family
  • Go to the local music universities
  • Browse through the web

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What Makes a Great Piano Teacher?

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