Did you know that your piano’s finish can be dramatically improved to look just like new?  

Sometimes for as little as a few hundred dollars?  

Many customers assume that piano finishes are very delicate, and difficult to repair or restore.  They’ll let their pianos accumulate dozens of scratches and nicks, all because they don’t see the value in spending thousands of dollars to fix the finish – particularly if it’s high gloss.

If you’d like to know how much it would cost to get your piano back to it’s original glory, send us a photo below, and we’ll let you know what we can do with it!  We deal with any and all of the following finish types:

  • Black Polyester Polish
  • Black Polyester Rubbed Matte/Satin
  • Black Polyester Sprayed Satin
  • Black Lacquer Polish
  • Black Lacquer Rubbed Matte/Satin
  • Clear Polyester + Wood Veneer Polish
  • Clear Polyester + Wood Veneer Matte/Satin
  • Varnished Wood Veneer

Refinishing a piano is a highly specialized skill that few people have experience with.  The type of work needed will depend highly on the type of finish.  Merriam Pianos has extensive experience working with all types of finishes, whether a basic repair of a chip or scratch, or a full cabinet stripping is required.

Most refinishing jobs require that the piano is removed from the home and brought to our workshop, and 2-4 weeks is a normal turnaround time for this type of work.


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