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Merriam Pianos has been at the heart of the piano industry not just in Toronto, but across the world, for 25 years.

Merriam Pianos has built strong ties to many of Canada’s largest and most prestigious universities like McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, Queens University, Humber College, and the University of Ottawa. We also have close and highly respected relationships with our carefully chosen suppliers, like Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Roland, Perzina, and Korg. And perhaps most importantly, we’re all pianists!

Alan Merriam, founder and president, himself an accomplished pianist with an extensive professional playing background, has carefully surrounded himself with like-minded team members, so when you walk into Merriam Music for your new digital, upright, or baby grand piano, you know you’ll be talking with a highly experienced piano professional.

Acoustic Pianos

Merriam Music is one of the most highly respected piano stores in the world. We have always taken great pride in being one of the most knowledgable, most comprehensive, and most transparent retailers in our industry, and we have been recognized many times as leaders in our field. Every year we have the privilege of being asked to speak at conferences, workshops, factories, other retailers, and schools around the world.

Our hope is that our passion for pianos and how they are made will be felt by all who visit our stores and website, and that people can truly teach themselves more about this great instrument. After all, pianos have more than 6000 parts, and have a wider price range than the auto market, so there’s lots to know!

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Grand & Baby Grand Pianos

New Pianos

Alan Merriam and his team have been building their acoustic and digital collection for 25 years. For almost three decades, he’s dealt with nearly every major brand in the world, including Steinway, Bechstein, Kawai, Fazioli, Roland, Mason & Hamlin, Grotrian, Weber, Young Chang, Perzina, Steinberg, Yamaha, and more.

The current lineup of pianos represents the absolute best in the business, delivering high value, beautiful performance, and stunning aesthetics. With a price range between $3000 – $150,000, we have something for absolutely every musician. Explore here!

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Digital Pianos

Digital pianos have progressed substantially in the last 20 years. It is very rare for piano stores to specialize both in acoustic and digital pianos, but Merriam is a stand-out exception.

From new technologies to better materials, digital pianos are no longer musically undesirable or technically lacking. There continue to be more and more situations where a digital piano is actually preferred over an acoustic –  whether for budget considerations, noise control, or the use of additional features and software.

Merriam Music has been at the forefront of Digital Pianos since our founding in 1988, when we began educating and training customers on the use of MIDI modules and keyboards. We’ve still got lots to show you, so explore with us here!

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Used Pianos

Merriam Music is one of the only major dealers in Canada to offer a nearly 50/50 mix of new and used pianos, and certainly the only store of this kind in Toronto. We are well known for being highly selective and thorough with our used pianos.

Every instrument leaves our doors with a complete inspection and a warranty. Whether you are looking for a 48″ used Japanese piano such as Yamaha or Kawai, or a large grand, like a rebuilt Steinway or Mason & Hamlin, we search the market daily for the very best in used pianos worldwide. Explore here!

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