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August Förster*

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Owner: Kunsthandwerklicher Flügel- und Pianobau
Country of Origin: Löbau, Germany
Year Established: 1859
Related Brands: Schimmel Konzert, Seiler, Sauter, Grotrian, Bluthner, Shigeru Kawai, Yamaha CF

Warranty: 5 years parts and labour applicable to the original purchaser only

August Forster Upright Piano


After years of apprenticing under cabinet makers and piano builders, German native August Förster opened a small piano workshop in the spring of 1859. By 1862, Förster had opened a much larger factory in the North-Eastern German town of Lobau, having established a strong reputation for quality. Though state-controlled for portions of its 150-year history, at which time quality levels were inconsistent, August Förster is again owned and operated by the Förster family, who have successfully re-established August Förster as a premium German brand.

Using many traditional production methods and extensive handwork, August Förster pianos represent a return to “old world” style craftsmanship, further exemplified by the fact the factory employs roughly only 40 employees. August Förster currently produces three upright piano models; the 46” 116, the 49” 125, and the 53” 134. Grand pianos consist of four sizes, with the 5’8” 170, 6’4” 190, 7’2” 215, and the 9’1” 275 concert grand piano.

August Förster uses both Renner actions and Renner hammers, grand rims are made of laminated layers of beech, and soundboards are made from solid Alpine tapered white spruce. Bridges maple with maple cap and the pinblocks consist of laminated beech.

Musically, August Förster is known for possessing a darker sonic quality, with a very clear and distinct bass register. The treble is slightly more understated, yet also very clear.


While other German brands such as C. Bechstein or Hamburg Steinway are still recognized as the best the country has to offer, August Forster still has a loyal following – particularly for those fond of the European tones of the past.

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August FOrster MODELS & PRICE

116 C46″Chippendale Satin Mahogany$26,975
116 C46″Chippendale Satin Walnut$28,354
116 D46″Continental Polished Ebony$20,457
116 D46″Continental Satin Mahogany/Beech/Alder$20,959
116 D46″Continental Polished Mahogany$20,959
116 D46″Continental Satin and Polished Walnut/Oak/Cherry$22,388
116 D46″Continental Polished White$21,961
116 E46″Polished Ebony$23,917
116 E46″Satin and Polished Mahogany/Beech/Alder$24,443
116 E46″Satin and Polished Walnut/Oak/Cherry$25,822
116 E46″Polished White$25,446
125 F49″Polished Ebony$27,602
125 G49″Polished Ebony$27,025
125 G49″Satin Mahogany/Beech/Alder$27,602
125 G49″Polished Mahogany/Beech/Alder$27,627
125 G49″Satin and Polished Walnut/Oak/Cherry$29,583
125 G49″Polished White$28,555
134 K53″Polished Ebony$40,939
1705’8″Polished Ebony$56,307
1705’8″Satin and Polished Walnut$59,717
1705’8″Satin and Polished Mahogany$57,511
1705’8″Polished White$59,742
1705’8″Classik Polished Ebony$64,731
1705’8″Classik Polished Walnut$74,458
1705’8″Classik Polished Mahogany$69,093
1705’8″Classik Polished White$68,617
1906’4″Polished Ebony$63,578
1906’4″Satin and Polished Walnut$66,812
1906’4″Satin and Polished Mahogany$64,656
1906’4″Polished White$66,761
1906’4″Classik Polished Ebony$71,800
1906’4″Classik Polished Mahogany$76,263
1906’4″Classik Polished Walnut$81,553
1906’4″Classik Polished White$75,711
2157’2″Polished Ebony$76,338
2759’1″Polished Ebony$138,136


1859 -18731-900
1873 – 1900900 – 10000
1900 – 192410000 – 50000
1924 – 194450000 – 82500
1944 – 196582500 – 133500
1965 – 1980133500 – 154000
1980 – 2001154000 – 163000
2001 – 2009163000 – 164500
2012 – Present165000+

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