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Blüthner *

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Owner: Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH
Country of Origin: Leipzig, Germany
Year Established: 1853
Related Brands: August Forster, Schimmel Konzert, Seiler, Shigeru Kawai, Yamaha CF, Sauter, Grotrian

Warranty: 10-year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only

Bluthner Pianos


Founded by Julius Blüthner in 1853 in the city of Leipzig Germany, Blüthner has been producing high-quality pianos for over 150 years. From their humble beginnings with a small team of only four craftsmen, Blüthner would soon grow to become the largest German piano manufacturer by the year 1900, producing over 5,000 pianos annually. Success continued throughout the first half of the 20th century, but like virtually every other German piano manufacturer, Blüthner wound up severely crippled in the aftermath of World War II. After a successful rebuild, Blüthner would again flourish and today stand amongst the finest in German piano manufacturing.

Still, a family-owned business to this day, Blüthner currently produce five sizes of uprights, from the 45” Model D, to the imposing 57.5” Model S, and six sizes of grand pianos, from the 5’1” Model 11, to the 9’2” Model 1. Soundboards are solid spruce, sourced from the Austrian alps, while Blüthner actions are built by Renner in their hammers by Abel. In their grand pianos, Blüthner uses single variety beech, which helps contribute to a darker tone than more traditional maple or mahogany rims.

Blüthner is well known for certain unique design innovations, originally developed by founder Julius Blüthner and still utilized today. One of these features is what Blüthner refers to as “cylindrically crowned” soundboards; a proprietary way of crowning a soundboard which Blüthner says allows their soundboards to vibrate more freely. Another unique innovation is the use of aliquot stringing in the treble register, which means strings in the upper register have 4 strings per note as opposed to 3. While the 4th note is not struck and only rings sympathetically, this unique approach helps contribute to Blüthner grands’ unique tonal character. Blüthner also cuts their hammers in an angled fashion, which they argue results in a more even point of contact between the hammerhead and strings.

Blüthner grand pianos and upright pianos are available in a plethora of finishes and cabinet designs, with each grand also available in a “crystal piano” format.

With their uniquely dark sound and precise construction, Blüthner is worthy of their status as one of the top German piano manufacturers.

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Blüthner Uprights
D45Satin and Polished Ebony$33,639
D45Satin and Polished Walnut/Mahogany$36,330
D45Satin and Polished Cherry$36,499
D45Satin and Polished White$35,994
D45Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$37,340
C46Satin and Polished Ebony$37,377
C46Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$40,367
C46Satin and Polished Cherry$40,554
C46Satin and Polished White$39,993
C46Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$41,488
C46Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$47,469
C46Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$50,459
A49Satin and Polished Ebony$43,065
A49Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$46,510
A49Satin and Polished Cherry$46,725
A49Satin and Polished White$46,079
A49Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$47,802
A49Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$54,692
A49Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$58,137
B52Satin and Polished Ebony$48,753
B52Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$52,653
B52Satin and Polished Cherry$52,897
B52Satin and Polished White$52,165
B52Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$54,115
B52Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$61,916
B52Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$65,816
S57.5Satin and Polished Ebony$65,514
S57.5Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$70,755
S57.5Satin and Polished Cherry$71,083
S57.5Satin and Polished White$70,100
S57.5Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$72,721
S57.5Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$83,203
S57.5Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$88,444
Blüthner Grands
Model 115’1″Satin and Polished Ebony$85170
Model 115’1″Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$91,984
Model 115’1″Satin and Polished Cherry$92,410
Model 115’1″Satin and Polished White$91,132
Model 115’1″Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$94,539
Model 115’1″Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$109,018
Model 115’1″Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$109,018
Model 115’1″President Polished Ebony$96,759
Model 115’1″President Polished Mahogany/Walnut$103,572
Model 115’1″President Polished Bubinga$106,128
Model 115’1″President Burl Walnut$120,607
Model 115’1″Wilhelm II Satin and Polished Ebony$99,649
Model 115’1″Wilhelm II Polished Mahogany/Walnut$107,621
Model 115’1″Wilhelm II Polished Pyramid Mahogany$127,045
Model 115’1″Wilhelm II Polished Burl Walnut$127,045
Model 115’1″Ambassador Santos Rosewood$122,901
Model 115’1″Ambassador Walnut$119,579
Model 115’1″Nicolas II Satin Walnut with Burl Inlay$122,100
Model 115’1″Louis XIV Rococo Satin White with Gold$136,699
Model 115’1″Jubilee Polished Ebony$103,197
Model 115’1″Jubilee Polished Mahogany/Walnut$110,010
Model 115’1″Jubilee Burl Walnut$127,045
Model 115’1″Julius Bluthner Edition$107,837
Model 115’1″Crystal Edition Elegance$123,000
Model 115’1″Crystal Edition Idyllic$144,000
Model 105’5″Satin and Polished Ebony$98,183
Model 105’5″Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$106,037
Model 105’5″Satin and Polished Cherry$106,528
Model 105’5″Satin and Polished White$105,055
Model 105’5″Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$108,983
Model 105’5″Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$123,710
Model 105’5″Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$123,710
Model 105’5″President Polished Ebony$109,771
Model 105’5″President Polished Mahogany/Walnut$117,626
Model 105’5″President Polished Bubinga$120,571
Model 105’5″President Burl Walnut$135,298
Model 105’5″Senator Walnut w/Leather$115,884
Model 105’5″Senator Jacaranda Satin Rosewood w/Leather$125,541
Model 105’5″Wilhelm II Satin and Polished Ebony$114,874
Model 105’5″Wilhelm II Polished Mahogany/Walnut$124,064
Model 105’5″Wilhelm II Polished Pyramid Mahogany$141,736
Model 105’5″Wilhelm II Polished Burl Walnut$141,736
Model 105’5″Ambassador Santos Rosewood$141,677
Model 105’5″Ambassador Walnut$137,848
Model 105’5″Nicolas II Satin Walnut with Burl Inlay$136,081
Model 105’5″Louis XIV Rococo Satin White with Gold$157,583
Model 105’5″Jubilee Polished Ebony$116,209
Model 105’5″Jubilee Polished Mahogany/Walnut$124,064
Model 105’5″Jubilee Burl Walnut$141,736
Model 105’5″Julius Bluthner Edition$119,103
Model 105’5″Crystal Edition Elegance$135,000
Model 105’5″Crystal Edition Idyllic$156,000
PH5’9″Paul Hennigsen Design$154,000
Model 66’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$111,635
Model 66’3″Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$120,566
Model 66’3″Satin and Polished Cherry$121,124
Model 66’3″Satin and Polished White$119,449
Model 66’3″Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$123,915
Model 66’3″Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$140,660
Model 66’3″Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$140,660
Model 66’3″President Polished Ebony$123,223
Model 66’3″President Polished Mahogany/Walnut$132,154
Model 66’3″President Polished Bubinga$135,503
Model 66’3″President Burl Walnut$152,248
Model 66’3″Senator Walnut w/Leather$128,760
Model 66’3″Senator Jacaranda Satin Rosewood w/Leather$138,417
Model 66’3″Wilhelm II Satin and Polished Ebony$130,613
Model 66’3″Wilhelm II Polished Mahogany/Walnut$141,062
Model 66’3″Wilhelm II Polished Pyramid Mahogany$158,686
Model 66’3″Wilhelm II Polished Burl Walnut$158,686
Model 66’3″Ambassador Santos Rosewood$153,654
Model 66’3″Ambassador Walnut$150,707
Model 66’3″Nicolas II Satin Walnut with Burl Inlay$154,726
Model 66’3″Louis XIV Rococo Satin White with Gold$179,174
Model 66’3″Jubilee Polished Ebony$129,661
Model 66’3″Jubilee Polished Mahogany/Walnut$138,592
Model 66’3″Jubilee Burl Walnut$158,686
Model 66’3″Julius Bluthner Edition$125,874
Model 66’3″Crystal Edition Elegance$144,000
Model 66’3″Crystal Edition Idyllic$180,000
Model 46’10”Satin and Polished Ebony$131,335
Model 46’10”Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$141,842
Model 46’10”Satin and Polished Cherry$142,499
Model 46’10”Satin and Polished White$140,529
Model 46’10”Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$145,782
Model 46’10”Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$165,482
Model 46’10”Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$165,482
Model 46’10”President Polished Ebony$142,924
Model 46’10”President Polished Mahogany/Walnut$153,430
Model 46’10”President Polished Bubinga$157,370
Model 46’10”President Burl Walnut$177,071
Model 46’10”Senator Walnut w/Leather$148,074
Model 46’10”Senator Jacaranda Satin Rosewood w/Leather$157,731
Model 46’10”Wilhelm II Satin and Polished Ebony$153,662
Model 46’10”Wilhelm II Polished Mahogany/Walnut$165,955
Model 46’10”Wilhelm II Polished Pyramid Mahogany$183,509
Model 46’10”Wilhelm II Polished Burl Walnut$183,509
Model 46’10”Ambassador Santos Rosewood$177,854
Model 46’10”Ambassador Walnut$173,047
Model 46’10”Nicolas II Satin Walnut with Burl Inlay$182,031
Model 46’10”Louis XIV Rococo Satin White with Gold$210,793
Model 46’10”Jubilee Polished Ebony$149,362
Model 46’10”Jubilee Polished Mahogany/Walnut$159,868
Model 46’10”Jubilee Burl Walnut$183,509
Model 46’10”Julius Bluthner Edition$152,903
Model 46’10”Queen Victoria JB Edition Polished Rosewood$183,000
Model 46’10”Crystal Edition Elegance$165,000
Model 46’10”Crystal Edition Idyllic$204,000
Model 27’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$147,752
Model 27’8″Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$159,572
Model 27’8″Satin and Polished Cherry$160,311
Model 27’8″Satin and Polished White$158,095
Model 27’8″Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$164,005
Model 27’8″Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$187,645
Model 27’8″Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$187,645
Model 27’8″President Polished Ebony$159,341
Model 27’8″President Polished Mahogany/Walnut$171,161
Model 27’8″President Polished Bubinga$175,593
Model 27’8″President Burl Walnut$199,234
Model 27’8″Senator Walnut w/Leather$160,950
Model 27’8″Senator Jacaranda Satin Rosewood w/Leather$170,607
Model 27’8″Wilhelm II Satin and Polished Ebony$172,870
Model 27’8″Wilhelm II Polished Mahogany/Walnut$186,700
Model 27’8″Wilhelm II Polished Pyramid Mahogany$205,672
Model 27’8″Wilhelm II Polished Burl Walnut$205,672
Model 27’8″Ambassador Santos Rosewood$200,086
Model 27’8″Ambassador Walnut$194,678
Model 27’8″Nicolas II Satin Walnut with Burl Inlay$206,410
Model 27’8″Louis XIV Rococo Satin White with Gold$237,142
Model 27’8″Jubilee Polished Ebony$165,779
Model 27’8″Jubilee Polished Mahogany/Walnut$177,599
Model 27’8″Jubilee Burl Walnut$205,672
Model 27’8″Julius Bluthner Edition$177,045
Model 27’8″Queen Victoria JB Edition Polished Rosewood$202,456
Model 27’8″Crystal Edition Elegance$216,000
Model 27’8″Crystal Edition Idyllic$255,000
Model 19’2″Satin and Polished Ebony$199,267
Model 19’2″Satin and Polished Mahogany/Walnut$215,209
Model 19’2″Satin and Polished Cherry$216,205
Model 19’2″Satin and Polished White$213,216
Model 19’2″Satin and Polished Bubinga/Yew/Rosewood/Macassar$221,187
Model 19’2″Saxony Polished Pyramid Mahogany$253,069
Model 19’2″Polished Burl Walnut/Camphor$259,047
Model 19’2″President Polished Ebony$212,054
Model 19’2″President Polished Mahogany/Walnut$227,996
Model 19’2″President Polished Bubinga$233,974
Model 19’2″President Burl Walnut$271,835
Model 19’2″Wilhelm II Satin and Polished Ebony$233,143
Model 19’2″Wilhelm II Polished Mahogany/Walnut$251,794
Model 19’2″Wilhelm II Polished Pyramid Mahogany$272,961
Model 19’2″Wilhelm II Polished Burl Walnut$278,939
Model 19’2″Ambassador Santos Rosewood$274,271
Model 19’2″Ambassador Walnut$269,011
Model 19’2″Nicolas II Satin Walnut with Burl Inlay$284,952
Model 19’2″Jubilee Polished Ebony$219,158
Model 19’2″Jubilee Polished Mahogany/Walnut$235,100
Model 19’2″Jubilee Burl Walnut$278,939
Model 19’2″Julius Bluthner Edition$230,798
Model 19’2″Queen Victoria JB Edition Polished Rosewood$244,938
Model 19’2″Crystal Edition Elegance$246,000
Model 19’2″Crystal Edition Idyllic$285,000



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