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Company Website: BluethnerWorld.com
Owner: Julius Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH 
Country of Origin: Leipzig, Germany 
Year Established: 1853
Related Brands: Bluthner, W. Hoffmann, Wilhelm Schimmel, Yamaha SX, Kawai GX, Schulze Pollmann

Warranty: 10-year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only.

Haessler Pianos


Driven by globalization, the prevalence of Japanese built pianos, and greater efforts to expand to the North American market, many European piano manufacturers found a change in strategy to be necessary towards the end of the 20th century. Like certain other high-end German piano manufacturers, Bluthner responded to this dynamic by adding to its initial offering of a single line of high-end pianos, to incorporate a second line of less expensive, slightly lower quality pianos into its catalog.

Uprights and grand pianos belonging to this class hit the market in the mid-1990s under the Haessler brand, as Bluthner increased their focus towards the North American piano market. (Bluthner would add a third line, Irmler, later.)

While Haessler’s are still German, primarily hand-made instruments, built in the same factory as Bluthner branded pianos, some compromises regarding quality are made to position Haessler pianos in the market differently than Bluthner branded instruments. For instance, Haessler’s do not incorporate Bluthner’s unique aliquot stringing nor do they utilize the same hammer design and placement. Haessler’s receive less factory prep time as well.

Haessler uprights are available in four sizes, from the 45” H115 up to the 52” H132, whereas the grands are available in three sizes; the 5’8” H175, the 6’1” H186, and the 6’10” H210. 


H 11545″Polished Ebony$21,911
H 11545″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$22,360
H 11545″Polished Cherry$37,649
H 11545″Satin Oak/Beech$23,258
H 11545″Polished White$22,809
H 11545″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$37,649
H 11545″Polished Cherry and Yew$37,649
H 11847″Polished Ebony$24,156
H 11847″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$25,279
H 11847″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$29,320
H 11847″Satin Cherry$25,728
H 11847″Polished Cherry$29,769
H 11847″Satin Oak/Beech$23,977
H 11847″Polished White$26,401
H 11847″Polished Bubinga$29,993
H 11847″Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$27,075
H 11847″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$30,667
H 11847″Polished Burl Walnut$30,442
H 11847″Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$27,075
H 11847″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$30,667
H 11847″Satin Cherry and Yew$27,165
H 11847″Polished Cherry and Yew$30,667
H 12449″Polished Ebony$26,401
H 12449″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$27,389
H 12449″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$31,565
H 12449″Satin Cherry$27,524
H 12449″Polished Cherry$32,014
H 12449″Satin Oak/Beech$27,299
H 12449″Polished White$28,646
H 12449″Polished Bubinga$32,238
H 12449″Polished Pyramid Mahogany$35,696
H 12449″Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$28,871
H 12449″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$34,034
H 12449″Polished Burl Walnut$35,247
H 12449″Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$28,871
H 12449″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$34,034
H 12449″Satin Cherry and Yew$28,871
H 12449″Polished Cherry and Yew$35,247
K 12449″Polished Ebony$28,557
K 12449″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$29,544
K 12449″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$33,720
K 12449″Satin Cherry$29,679
K 12449″Polished Cherry$34,169
K 12449″Satin Oak/Beech$29,455
K 12449″Polished White$30,802
K 12449″Polished Bubinga$34,394
K 12449″Polished Pyramid Mahogany$37,851
K 12449″Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$31,026
K 12449″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$36,190
K 12449″Polished Burl Walnut$37,402
K 12449″Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$31,026
K 12449″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$36,190
K 12449″Satin Cherry and Yew$31,026
K 12449″Polished Cherry and Yew$37,402
H 13252″Polished Ebony$29,544
H 13252″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$29,993
H 13252″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$34,483
H 13252″Satin Cherry$31,340
H 13252″Polished Cherry$34,932
H 13252″Polished White$31,789
H 13252″Polished Bubinga$35,381
H 13252″Palisander Rosewood$37,402
H 13252″Polished Pyramid Mahogany$38,300
H 13252″Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$32,912
H 13252″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$37,402
H 13252″Polished Burl Walnut$37,402
H 13252″Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$32,912
H 13252″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$37,402
H 13252″Satin Cherry and Yew$32,912
H 13252″Polished Cherry and Yew$37,402
K 13252″Polished Ebony$32,553
K 13252″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$33,002
K 13252″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$37,492
K 13252″Satin Cherry$34,349
K 13252″Polished Cherry$37,941
K 13252″Polished White$34,798
K 13252″Polished Bubinga$38,390
K 13252″Palisander Rosewood$40,410
K 13252″Polished Pyramid Mahogany$41,308
K 13252″Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$35,920
K 13252″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$40,410
K 13252″Polished Burl Walnut$40,410
K 13252″Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$35,920
K 13252″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$40,410
K 13252″Satin Cherry and Yew$35,920
K 13252″Polished Cherry and Yew$40,410
H 1755’8″Polished Ebony$75,960
H 1755’8″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$81,657
H 1755’8″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$89,330
H 1755’8″Satin Cherry$80,974
H 1755’8″Polished Cherry$91,420
H 1755’8″Polished White$81,277
H 1755’8″Polished Bubinga$93,091
H 1755’8″Palisander Rosewood$97,687
H 1755’8″Polished Pyramid Mahogany$102,283
H 1755’8″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$111,893
H 1755’8″Polished Burl Walnut$99,776
H 1755’8″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$111,893
H 1755’8″Satin Cherry and Yew$106,043
H 1755’8″Polished Cherry and Yew$111,893
H 1755’8″Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony$91,002
H 1755’8″Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut$104,372
H 1755’8″Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut$114,818
H 1755’8″Classic Alexandra Palisander$112,729
H 1755’8″Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold$146,238
H 1755’8″Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany$111,893
H 1755’8″Ambassador Palisander$137,881
H 1755’8″Ambassador Walnut$133,703
H 1866’1″Polished Ebony$80,556
H 1866’1″Satin Mahogany/Walnut$86,6598
H 1866’1″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$93,927
H 1866’1″Satin Cherry$85,570
H 1866’1″Polished Cherry$96,016
H 1866’1″Polished White$86,195
H 1866’1″Polished Bubinga$100,194
H 1866’1″Palisander Rosewood$102,283
H 1866’1″Polished Pyramid Mahogany$108,550
H 1866’1″Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$116,489
H 1866’1″Polished Burl Walnut$104,372
H 1866’1″Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$116,489
H 1866’1″Satin Cherry and Yew$101,447
H 1866’1″Polished Cherry and Yew$116,489
H 1866’1″Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony$95,598
H 1866’1″Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut$108,968
H 1866’1″Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut$119,414
H 1866’1″Classic Alexandra Palisander$117,325
H 1866’1″Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold$150,416
H 1866’1″Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany$116,489
H 1866’1″Ambassador Palisander$150,416
H 1866’1″Ambassador Walnut$146,238
H 2106’10”Polished Ebony$93,801
H 2106’10”Satin Mahogany/Walnut$100,836
H 2106’10”Polished Mahogany/Walnut$110,974
H 2106’10”Satin Cherry$101,949
H 2106’10”Polished Cherry$112,729
H 2106’10”Polished White$100,367
H 2106’10”Polished Bubinga$114,400
H 2106’10”Palisander Rosewood$123,174
H 2106’10”Polished Pyramid Mahogany$129,441
H 2106’10”Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay$137,798
H 2106’10”Polished Burl Walnut$121,085
H 2106’10”Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay$137,798
H 2106’10”Satin Cherry and Yew$121,169
H 2106’10”Polished Cherry and Yew$137,798
H 2106’10”Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony$108,843
H 2106’10”Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut$126,015
H 2106’10”Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut$136,127
H 2106’10”Classic Alexandra Palisander$138,216
H 2106’10”Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold$183,842
H 2106’10”Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany$129,734
H 2106’10”Ambassador Palisander$162,951
H 2106’10”Ambassador Walnut$158,773



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