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Owner: Heintzman & Co. 
Country of Origin: Toronto, Canada
Year Established: 1866
Related Brands: Baldwin, Pearl River, Samick, Brodmann, Pramberger, Young Chang

Warranty: 10 years parts and labour, applicable to subsequent owners during the warranty period.

Heintzman Pianos


Undoubtedly the most famous of all Canadian piano manufacturers, Heintzman & Co was a Toronto based piano manufacturer for more than 100 years, producing pianos in Toronto from 1866 to 1978 (in Hannover Ontario after 1978). Theodore August Heintzman began apprenticing as a builder in 1831 while still in Germany, prior to immigrating to Canada and founding his own piano manufacturing company in 1866. By 1890, the Heintzman factory was one of the largest in Canada, employing over 200 skilled craftsmen, and producing more than 1,000 pianos annually. During the first half of the 20th century, Heintzman pianos were highly regarded for their design and build quality, often referred to as “The Steinway of the North”. By the latter second half of the century, like most North American piano companies, Heintzman was unable to survive the effects of globalization (and specifically Yamaha / Kawai imports) and ultimately ceased operations in the late 1980s.

The Heintzman name was resurrected in 1989 by Canadian investors, and today, Heintzman pianos are manufactured in Beijing China. The original scale designs are utilized, and even some of the original equipment from the Canadian factory has been sent to China and is utilized in the factory there. While the musical success of these instruments has had mixed results, their focus on larger, more ornate furniture-style cabinets have given them something of a niche in the entry-level market.

Now – if you’re a parent or musician looking for a decent used instrument, and ESPECIALLY if you’re in Canada or North East United states, used and new Heitnzmans are going to cross your path.

First, what’s available new: Heinztman currently manufactures grand pianos and uprights in 2 lines of quality, the less expensive Gerhard Heintzman line, and the standard Heintzman & Co line.

The Gerhard Heintzman line consists of 4 sizes of uprights; the 47” G118, 48” G120, 50” G126, and the 52” G132. The grands in the Gerhard Heintzman line consist of 2 sizes; the 5’ G152 and the 5’6” G168. The pianos from the Gerhard Heintzman design use less expensive materials and feature more simplistic designs and finishing techniques. The Heintzman & Co line consists of 4 sizes of uprights; the 48” 121DL, 50” 126C, 52” 132D, and the 55” 140CK. The grands in the Heintzman & Co line are offered in 4 sizes as well; the 5’6” 168, 6’1” 186, 6’8” 203, and 9’ 277. Most of the uprights and grand pianos are also available with upgraded soundboards, hammers, and bass strings, under the “Royal” series.

Second, what are you going to come across used: Well, Heintzman’s golden age is pretty much the same as Steinway’s – anything from the turn of the century up to the late 1920s, in the “Heintzman and Co” branding, was a high-quality piano that if cared for, is still very much a viable instrument. They had all sorts of interesting design features like agraffes cast directly into the plate and had stellar tuning stability.

The Gerard Heintzmans from the mid-century can be mechanically good but musically meh, and The Heintzman and Co uprights from the late 1970s and early 1980s were actually pretty decent, with some cool styling as well.

Heintzman’s uprights and grands were always known for a pretty big, resonant, earthy tone with a great action…the uprights were never quite precise enough for high level classical (at least by most people’s standards), but a wonderful musical partner for all sorts of musical settings. Heintzman uses a mix of Chinese, European, and North American components. Soundboards are made of spruce and are imported from either Germany or Canada. Heintzman uses Abel or Renner hammers, and bass strings in the premium models are imported from the United States.


121DL48″Satin Mahogany$7,995
123B48.5″Polished Mahogany$8,795
123F48.5″French Provincial Polished Mahogany$7,995
126 Royal50″Polished Ebony$9,795
126C50″Polished Ebony$8,795
132 Royal52″Satin Mahogany$12,795
132D52″Polished Mahogany, Decorative Panel$11,795
132E52″French Provincial Polished Ebony$11,795
132E52″French Provincial Satin and Polished Mahogany$11,795
140CK55″Polished Mahogany$14,995
G11847″Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim$4,995
G11847″Polished Mahogany w/Silver Plate and Trim$5,195
G12048″Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim$5,995
G12048″Polished Mahogany w/Silver Plate and Trim$6,195
G12650″Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim$7,995
G12650″Polished Mahogany w/Silver Plate and Trim$8,195
G13252″Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate and Trim$9,295
1685’6″Polished Ebony$18,995
1685’6″Polished Mahogany$19,995
168 Royal5’6″Polished Ebony$23,995
1866’1″Polished Ebony$21,995
1866’1″Polished Mahogany$22,995
186 Royal6’1″Polished Ebony$26,995
2036’8″Polished Ebony$24,995
203 Royal6’8″Polished Ebony$29,995
2779′Polished Ebony$89,995
G1525′Polished Ebony$9,995
G1525′Polished White$11,995
G152R5′Empire Polished Mahogany$11,995
G1685’6″Polished Ebony$15,995
G1685’6″Polished White$19,995
G168R5’6″Empire Polished Mahogany$17,995


1867 – 19001150 – 15700
1900 – 192015700 – 61700
1920 – 194015700 – 86300
1940 – 196086300 – 98278
1960 – 198098278 – 165170
1989 – 2000891000 – 1010000
2000 – 20081010000 – 1610000
2009 – Present1910000+

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