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Owner: Pearl River Piano Group
Country of Origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Year Established: 1956
Related Brands: Ritmuller, Schimmel, Samick, Heintzman, Baldwin, Wm. Knabe (Academy / Baltimore), Story & Clark, Young Chang

Pearl River pianos are made by Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group CO, LTD GmbH in Zengcheng China

Warranty: 10-year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only


After establishing itself as China’s largest piano manufacturer, Pearl River now operates the largest piano factory in the world, with production exceeding all other manufacturers. Established in 1956 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Pearl River currently produces over 100,000 pianos a year, and exports to more than 80 countries worldwide. Pearl River pianos are manufactured under several different brands and levels of quality.

Pianos exported to North American by Pearl River consist of the Kayserburg, Ritmuller, and Pearl River branded upright and grand pianos. Kayserburg represents Pearl River’s attempt at a hand-made instrument in the European tradition. These pianos are built by Pearl River’s best craftsmen and feature such high-quality European components as European white spruce soundboards German hammers, and beech bridges. Kayerburg’s are available in 4 sizes of uprights and a single size of grand.

Ritmuller pianos are offered in three levels of quality, with the Premium line featuring many of the same components as the Kayserburg instruments. The Performance and Classic lines represent a more budget-conscious offering.

Pearl River branded pianos are most similar to the Ritmuller classic line and represent Pearl River’s entry-level offering, with uprights available in 5 sizes and grand pianos available in 6 sizes.

In addition to pianos branded Pearl River and other differently branded offerings, Pearl River also manufactured the Essex line of pianos for Steinway & Sons. After the success of the Kawai made Steinway designed Boston instruments, Steinway decided they needed an answer to the emerging Chinese dominated entry-level piano market. To achieve this, Steinway designed a new line of instruments which would be branded under the Essex name, but built by Pearl River in China (Young Chang initially built them, but Pearl River took over in the mid-2000s.) Today, the Essex line features 4 sizes of upright pianos, and 2 sizes of grand pianos, available in a variety of finishes.

With a new 3 million square foot facility set to open in the near future, Pearl River is poised to continue producing a staggering amount of instruments.


EU 11043″Polished Ebony$4,695
EU 110 Silent43″Polished Ebony w/Silent System$7,995
EU 111PA43″French Provincial Satin Cherry$5,995
EU 111PB43″Mediterranean Satin Walnut$5,995
EU 111PC43″Italian Provincial Satin Mahogany$5,995
UP 115E45″Satin Ebony/Mahogany (School)$5,995
UP 115M545″Polished Ebony$4,995
UP 115M545″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$5,395
EU 118S46.5″Polished Ebony w/Silver Hardware$5,595
EU 118S46.5″Polished Mahogany/Walnut w/Silver Hardware$5,795
EU 12248″Polished Ebony$6,695
EU 12248″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$6,895
EU 12248″Satin Cherry$6,895
EU 122 Silent48″Polished Ebony w/Silent System$9,195
EU 122S48″Polished Ebony w/Silver Hardware$6,895
EU 13152″Polished Ebony$7,695
GP 1504’11”Hand-rubbed Satin Ebony$12,495
GP 1504’11”Polished Ebony$11,995
GP 1504’11”Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$12,495
GP 1504’11”Polished Sapele Mahogany/Artisan Walnut$12,995
GP 150SP4’11”Polished Ebony w/Silver Plate/Hardware$12,495
GP 1605’3″Hand-rubbed Satin Ebony$13,995
GP 1605’3″Polished Ebony$13,495
GP 1605’3″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$13,995
GP 1605’3″Polished Sapele Mahogany/Artisan Walnut$13,995
GP 1705’7″Hand-rubbed Satin Ebony$16,495
GP 1705’7″Polished Ebony$15,995
GP 1705’7″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$16,495
GP 1705’7″Polished Sapele Mahogany/Artisan Walnut$16,995
GP 188A6’2″Polished Ebony$18,995
GP 2127′Polished Ebony$30,995
GP 2759′Polished Ebony$79,995


1993 – 1997112600 – 284000
1997 – 2000284000 – 942166
2003 – Present951794+

Frequently Asked Questions

Pearl River pianos are made by the Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd.

Pearl River is named after an extensive river system in Southern China.

Pearl River pianos is owned by the Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group Co., Ltd.

Pearl River sells more pianos world wide than any other piano manufacturer. They are a good entry level option representing good value for the dollar.

The serial numbers on Pearl River uprights are located under the lid, stamped onto the metal plate. On Pearl River grands, the serial numbers are located at the front of the piano, also stamped on the metal plate.

Pearl River uprights list pricing ranges from $4,895 USD to $7,516. Pearl River grand piano list pricing ranges from $11,800 USD to $16,465.

Pearl River pianos are made in Guangzhou China.

Fixing a Pearl River piano would be worth it if the cost of repair would not exceed the cost of replacement.

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