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Country of Origin: Germany
Year Established: 1819
Related Brands: Seiler, Grotrian, August Forster, Bluthner, Schimmel Konzert, Shigeru Kawai, Steinway NY, Yamaha CF

Sauter pianos are made by Sauter Pianofortemanufaktur GmbH & Co KG in Spaichingen, Germany

Warranty: 5-year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only

Sauter Pianos


Sauter’s long history begins with Johann Grimm, a carpenter’s apprentice from Spaichingen, Germany, who traveled to Vienna in 1813 to study piano building with acclaimed piano builder Johann Andreas Streicher and his wife, Nanette Stein. Upon completing 6 years of apprenticing, Grimm returned home and began building virginal harpsichords. Grimm’s nephew Carl Sauter would take over the business in 1846 and is responsible for expanding operations from what was a small workshop into a large piano factory. Sauter gradually developed a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and innovation, represented by Sauter securing several design patents. While a majority share of Sauter was purchased in the 1990s by German Otto Hahn, the Sauter family is still deeply involved with the company as 6th generation Sauter family member Ulrich Sauter remains with the company in the role of Director of Operations.

Sauter currently manufactures 500 pianos total yearly between uprights and grand pianos, available in a wide variety of finishes and cabinet detailing.

Upright pianos are offered in 3 sizes; the 46” 119, 48” 122, and the 51” 130. The Sauter 130 Masterclass is equipped with an upgraded, specialized Renner action (design proprietary to Sauter) referred to as the R2 Double Escapement Action, with a design said to allow for faster repetition than normal upright actions. Grands are available in 6 sizes; the 5’3” 160, 6’1” 185, 6’11” 210, 7’3” 220, 7’7” 230, and the 9’ 275 concert grand.

Materials and components utilized in Sauter pianos are of very high quality. Soundboards are sourced from tight-grain Alpine white spruce, and are manufactured using a proprietary process referred to as “Sauter Spherical Concavity”. Actions are built by Renner, while pins and agraffes in the larger grand pianos are made from titanium.

Undoubtedly one of the top German piano manufacturers, Sauter’s represents a fine example of European craftsmanship.

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11946″Peter Maly Concent Satin Ebony$32,000
11946″Peter Maly Concent Polished Ebony$34,000
12248″Ragazza Polished Ebony$36,500
12248″Ragazza Satin Cherry$36,500
12248″Ragazza Polished Cherry/Yew$43,000
12248″Vista Polished Ebony$40,000
12248″Vista Satin Maple$38,500
12248″Vista Satin Cherry$40,000
12248″Master Class Polished Ebony$47,000
12248″Peter Maly Artes Polished Ebony$52,000
12248″Peter Maly Artes Polished Palisander/Macassar$53,500
12248″Peter Maly Artes Polished White$53,500
12248″Peter Maly Pure Noble Polished Ebony/Veneers$49,000
12248″Peter Maly Pure Noble Polished White/Red$50,000
12248″Peter Maly Pure Basic Satin Ebony/Walnut$39,900
12248″Peter Maly Pure Basic Satin White$39,900
12248″Peter Maly Pure Basic Satin White/Maple$39,900
12248″Peter Maly Rondo Polished Ebony$43,500
12248″Peter Maly Rondo Satin Wenge$40,500
12248″Peter Maly Vitrea Colored Ebony with Glass$41,000
12248″Schulpiano Satin Beech/Black Ash$32,000
13051″Master Class Polished Ebony$53,000
13051″Competence Polished Ebony$45,500
13051″Competence Satin Walnut$43,000
13051″Sonder Polished Ebony w/Sostenuto$39,900
13051″Sonder Polished Ebony w/o Sostenuto$36,000
1605’3″Alpha Polished Ebony$95,000
1605’3″Alpha Satin Standard Wood Veneers$88,000
1605’3″Chippendale Satin Cherry$99,000
1605’3″Chippendale Satin Standard Wood Veneers$96,000
1605’3″Noblesse Satin Cherry$106,000
1605’3″Noblesse Polished Cherry$115,000
1605’3″Noblesse Satin Burl Walnut$111,000
1605’3″Noblesse Satin Standard Wood Veneers$106,000
1605’3″Noblesse Polished Standard Wood Veneers$114,000
1856’1″Delta Polished Ebony$106,000
1856’1″Delta Polished Ebony w/Burl Walnut$110,000
1856’1″Delta Polished Pyramid Mahogany$117,000
1856’1″Delta Polished Bubinga$116,000
1856’1″Delta Polished Rio Palisander$117,000
1856’1″Delta Satin Maple with Silver$99,000
1856’1″Delta Polished White$110,000
1856’1″Delta Satin Standard Wood Veneers$98,000
1856’1″Chippendale Satin Cherry$109,000
1856’1″Chippendale Satin Standard Wood Veneers$105,000
1856’1″Noblesse Satin Cherry$116,000
1856’1″Noblesse Polished Cherry$129,000
1856’1″Noblesse Satin Burl Walnut$121,000
1856’1″Noblesse Satin Standard Wood Veneers$112,000
1856’1″Noblesse Polished Standard Wood Veneers$126,000
2106’11”Peter Maly Vivace Polished Ebony$150,000
2106’11”Peter Maly Vivace Satin Wood Veneers$140,000
2106’11”Peter Maly Vivace Polished White$150,000
2207’3″Omega Polished Ebony$135,000
2207’3″Omega Polished Burl Walnut$149,000
2207’3″Omega Polished Pyramid Mahogany$148,000
2207’3″Omega Satin Standard Wood Veneers$129,000
2307’3″Peter Maly Ambiente Polished Ebony$170,000
2307’3″Peter Maly Ambiente Polished Ebony w/Crystals$195,000
2759′Concert Polished Ebony$230,000


2000 – Present109300+

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