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Owner: Joint Ownership by Schimmel & Pearl River Piano Group
Country of Origin: Leipzig German
Year Established: 1885
Related Brands: Pearl River, Seiler, Grotrian, August Forster, Bluthner, Sauter, Shigeru Kawai, Steinway NY, Yamaha CF

Schimmel pianos are made by Schimmel Pianofortemanufaktur GmbH in Brounschweig Germany (Konzert & Classic Schimmel), Kalisz Poland (Wilhelm Schimmel), and Pearl River (Fridolin Schimmel)

Warranty: 10-year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only

Schimmel Pianos


Founded by Wilhelm Schimmel in 1885 in Leipzig Germany, Schimmel has been producing high-quality pianos for well over 100 years. By the mid 1890s, Schimmel had produced over 1,000 pianos, with increasing attention across Germany, and in the late 1890s, expanded to a much larger production facility. Schimmel’s success continued into the 20th century and was one of a handful of German piano manufacturers to successfully rebound after WWII, and during the late 1950s, Schimmel was the best selling German piano. During the late 2000s, Schimmel endured financial difficulties but was saved by extensive financial restructuring. Pearl River is the current owner of Schimmel after having purchased a 90% controlling interest in the company in 2016.

Schimmel currently manufactures around 3,000 pianos a year, and offers instruments in 4 levels of quality for the North American market; the highest quality Konzert series and second from the top Classic series are both built-in Germany, whereas the less expensive Wilhelm Schimmel line is built in Poland, and the entry-level Fridolin Schimmel (several upright models and one grand model) are built in China by Pearl River.

The differentiation between the Konzert and Classic lines is that the Classic series pianos are based on long-standing designs with good quality materials, whereas the Konzert line designs are much more recent, and incorporate many technological refinements, while also utilizing higher quality materials.

The Konzert series offers upright pianos in 3 sizes; the 48” K122, 49” K125, and the 52” K132. Konzert series grand piano consist of the 5’9” K175, 6’4” K195, 7’ K213, 7’2” K219, 7’6” K230, 8’4” K256, and the 9’2” K280. Classic series uprights are offered in 4 sizes; 46” C116, 48” C120, 50” C126, and 51” C130. Classic series grand pianos consist of the 5’7” C169, 6’2” C189, and the 7’ C213.

Wilhelm Schimmel pianos are manufactured in Poland, and are positioned in the market to compete with Japanese built instruments. Wilhelm Schimmel pianos are based on the same fundamental designs like the Classic series and use some of the same components, such as Renner actions. Uprights offered are the 46” W114, 48” W118, and the 49” W123. Wilhelm Schimmel grand pianos are offered in 2 sizes, the 6’ W180 and the 6’10” W206.

Fridolin Schimmel pianos represent Schimmel’s entry-level option, positioned to compete with other Chinese built instruments, and are entirely manufactured in Pearl River’s Guangzhou China facility. The Fridolin Schimmel pianos are built based on German designs. Uprights available are the 46” F116, 48” F121, and the 49” F123.

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2022 Demo Unit Available
$ 24,500.00$ 36,895.00
$ 89,250.00
$ 98,355.00
$ 79,800.00$ 107,350.00
$ 120,275.00
$ 130,825.00
$ 148,425.00
$ 173,589.00
$ 243,175.00
$ 36,435.00$ 41,435.00
Used 2021 Model Available
$ 27,895.00$ 49,265.00
$ 40,475.00
$ 45,698.00
$ 50,600.00
$ 53,975.00


2022 Demo Unit Available
$ 45,650.00$ 59,850.00
2021 Demo Unit Available
$ 19,695.00$ 26,995.00


F 11646″Polished Ebony$7,838
Polished White$8,213
F 12148″Polished Ebony$8,963
Polished Walnut/White$9,338
F 12349″Polished Ebony$10,088
Polished Mahogany/White$10,463
W 11446″Tradition Polished Ebony$17,130
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$19,770
Modern Polished Ebony$18,050
Modern Polished White$20,075
Modern Swing Polished Ebony$17,130
Modern Swing Polished Mahogany/White$19,770
W 11848″Tradition Polished Ebony$18,715
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$21,353
W 12349″Tradition Polished Ebony$20,298
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$22,938
C 11646″Tradition Polished Ebony$24,915
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$28,083
Tradition Satin Walnut/Cherry/Beech/Alder$24,915
Modern Polished Ebony$28,875
Modern Polished White$32,043
Modern Cubus Polished Ebony$28,875
Modern Cubus Polished White$32,043
C 12048″Tradition Polished Ebony$27,028
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$30,195
Tradition Satin Walnut/Cherry/Beech/Alder$27,028
Tradition Marketerie Polished Mahogany w/Inlay$32,305
Elegance Manhattan Polished Ebony$26,105
Elegance Manhattan Polished Mahogany/White$29,273
Royal Polished Ebony$29,665
Royal Intarsie Flora Polished Mahogany w/Inlays$34,945
C 12650″Tradition Polished Ebony$32,833
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$36,000
C 13051″Tradition Polished Ebony$3,5473
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$38,640
K 12248″Elegance Polished Ebony$36,398
K 12549″Tradition Polished Ebony$39,038
Tradition Polished Mahogany$43,260
K 13252″Tradition Polished Ebony$44,580
Tradition Polished Mahogany$48,803
W 1806″Tradition Polished Ebony$41,413
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$46,693
W 2066’10”Tradition Polished Ebony$50,650
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$55,930
C 1695’7″Tradition Polished Ebony$67,938
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$74,535
C 1896’2″Tradition Polished Ebony$71,895
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$78495
C 2137′Tradition Polished Ebony$78,495
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$85,093
K 1755’9″Tradition Polished Ebony$86,870
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$94,558
K 1956’4″Tradition Polished Ebony$94,558
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$102,245
K 2137′Glas Clear Acrylic and White or Black and Gold$320,313
Otmar Alt Polished Ebony w/Color Motifs$230,625
K 2197’2″Tradition Polished Ebony$102,245
Tradition Polished Mahogany/White$109,933
K 2307’6″Tradition Polished Ebony$117,620
K 2568’4″Tradition Polished Ebony$132,995
K 2809’2″Tradition Polished Ebony$153,495


1885 – 19003300-01-01 00:00:00
1900 – 19103300 – 8300
1910 – 19208300 – 13700
1920 – 193013700 – 19600
1930 – 194019600 – 22100
1940 – 195022100 – 22900
1950 – 196022900 – 50000
1960 – 197050000 – 115700
1970 – 1980115700 – 199000
1980 – 1990199000 – 286000
1990 – 2000286000 – 338500
2000 – 2010338500 – 365000
2014 – Present372200+

Frequently Asked Questions

Schimmel pianos are handmade exclusively in Braunschweig, Germany, Wilhelm Schimmel pianos are handmade in Kalisz Poland, and Fridolin Schimmel pianos are made in Guangzhou China.

Schimmel pianos are consistently ranked among the best pianos in their respective quality classes.

Schimmel branded upright pianos range in list pricing from $20,932 USD to $40,042, while Schimmel branded grand pianos range in list pricing from $55,350 USD to $123,796.

The serial number on Schimmel uprights is located under the lid, stamped onto the metal plate. On Schimmel grands, the serial numbers is located at the front of the piano, also stamped on the metal plate.

Out of the four piano lines Schimmel manufacturer’s, only the Fridolin Schimmel pianos are made in China.

Schimmel pianos are made by Schimmel in Germany and Poland for Schimmel and Wilhelm Schimmel branded pianos, while the Fridolin Schimmel pianos are made by Pearl River in China.

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