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Owner: Samick Musical Instruments Co.
Country of Origin: Liegnitz, Silesia
Year Established: 1849
Related Brands: Sauter, Grotrian, Bluthner, August Forster, Schimmel Konzert, Shigeru Kawai, NY Steinway, Yamaha CF

Seiler pianos are made by Ed. Seiler Pianofortefabrik in Kitzingen, Germany and by Samick Manufacturing Mfg Co. in West Java, Indonesia

Warranty: 10-year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only

Seiler Pianos


Originally founded by piano builder Eduard Seiler in Eastern Europe, Seiler has been producing pianos since 1849. By the 1920s, Seiler was the largest piano manufacturer in all of Eastern Europe. After forced nationalization by the Polish government in 1945, the Seiler family fled Poland and would re-establish Seiler in Denmark by the mid-1950s, before finally settling in Germany in 1962. Seiler soon after developed a strong reputation for quality, German craftsmanship. Seiler continued to produce pianos in German and remained under family control until 2008 when the company was sold to Korean piano manufacturer Samick, who continues to own and operate Seiler today.

Prior to Samick’s acquisition, Seiler produced a single line of high-quality German uprights and grand pianos, which are still produced today as the SE series. In an attempt to compete at different price points, Samick expanded the Seiler offering to include two additional lines; the Eduard Seiler line which are manufactured in Indonesia with the same design as German-made instruments with some of the same high-quality components, meant to compete with entry-level Japanese options, and the Johannes Seiler line, with its’ own unique design, meant to compete at an entry-level price point.

Seiler’s German SE series uprights are offered in four sizes; the 45” SE-116, 48” Primus, 49” Konsole, and the 52” Consert. Grands are five sizes; the 5’6” Virtuoso, 6’2” Maestro, 6’10” Professional, 8’ Konzert, and the 9’2” full-sized concert grand, also referred to as the Konzert model. SE series pianos utilize Renner actions and hammers, beech bridges, and white spruce soundboards. SE grand pianos have duplex scale, and were recently redesigned with extended key lengths for greater playing control.

Eduard Seiler uprights are offered in two sizes; the 49” Primus and the 52” Konzert. Grands are also offered in two sizes; the 5’6” ED168 and the 6’2” ED186. Similar components to the German Seiler’s include partial Renner actions, white spruce soundboards (lower grade), and hornbeam action rails.

Johannes Seiler uprights are offered in five sizes; the 45.5” GS-116, 46.5” GS-247, 47” GS-118, 47.5 GS-121, and the 48.5” GS122. Grands are offered in three sizes; the 5’3” GS-160, 5’9” GS-175, and the 6’2” GS-186. These represent a unique β€œEuropean style” design by Samick, and compete as a European sounding option in the entry-level market.

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GS-116N45.5″Satin Ebony w/Nickel Hardware$9,999
GS-116N45.5″Polished Ebony w/Nickel Hardware$9,395
GS-24746.5″Satin Ebony$10,795
GS-24746.5″Polished Ebony$9,995
GS-24746.5″Satin Walnut$10,795
GS-11847″Satin Ebony$10,195
GS-11847″Polished Ebony$9,695
GS-12147.5″Ditto, Polished Ebony w/Silver accent$11,595
GS-12248.5″Satin Ebony$10,995
GS-12248.5″Polished Ebony$10,195
ED-12649″Primus, Satin Ebony$13,295
ED-12649″Primus, Polished Ebony$12,695
ED-126M49″Primus, Satin Ebony w/SMR$14,595
ED-126M49″Primus, Polished Ebony w/SMR$14,095
ED-13252″Konzert, Satin Ebony$14,095
ED-13252″Konzert, Polished Ebony$13,495
ED-132M52″Konzert, Satin Ebony w/SMR$15,395
ED-132M52″Konzert, Polished Ebony w/SMR$14,895
SE-11645″Primus, Polished Ebony$28,895
SE-11645″Mondial, Polished Ebony$30,495
SE-11645″Mondial, Polished Rosewood$41,295
SE-11645″Konsole, Polished Ebony$34,595
SE-11645″Impuls, Polished Ebony$30,495
SE-11645″Clou, Polished Ebony$35,895
SE-11645″Accent, Polished Ebony$35,895
SE-12248″Primus, Polished Ebony$38,595
SE-12649″Konsole, Polished Ebony$42,695
SE-12649″Konsole, Satin Walnut$43,995
SE-12649″Attraction, Polished Ebony$45,695
SE-13252″Consert, Polished Ebony$52,395
SE-13252″Consert, Polished Ebony w/SMR$55,095
SE-13252″Consert, Polished Ebony w/Rec Panel$55,095
SE-13252″Consert, Polished Ebony w/Rec Panel/SMR$55,795
GS-1605’3″Satin Ebony$25,395
GS-1605’3″Polished Ebony$23,995
GS-160LN5’3″Satin Ebony (M Leg Style)$28,595
GS-160LN5’3″Polished Ebony (M Leg Style)$27,295
GS-1755’9″Satin Ebony$27,795
GS-1755’9″Polished Ebony$26,395
GS-1866’2″Satin Ebony$29,695
GS-1866’2″Polished Ebony$28,595
ED-1685’6″Virtuoso, Satin Ebony$36,995
ED-1685’6″Virtuoso, Polished Ebony$36,495
ED-168HS5’6″Heritage, Satin Ebony$45,995
ED-168HS5’6″Heritage, Polished Ebony$44,895
ED-1866’2″Maestro, Satin Ebony$45,095
ED-1866’2″Maestro, Polished Ebony$43,495
ED-186A6’2″Custom, Polished Ebony$83,495
SE-1685’6″Virtuoso, Polished Ebony$96,395
SE-1685’6″Virtuoso, Polished Mahogany$115,795
SE-1866’2″Maestro, Polished Ebony$113,195
SE-1866’2″Maestro, Polished Mahogany$121,295
SE-1866’2″Maestro, Polished Rosewood$129,595
SE-1866’2″Ziricote, Polished Ebony$122,595
SE-1866’2″Louvre, Polished Cherry$152,895
SE-1866’2″Florenz, Polished Mahogany$152,895
SE-2086’10”Professional, Polished Ebony$126,895
SE-2428′Konzert, Polished Ebony$167,895
SE-2789’2″Konzert, Polished Ebony$272,695


1880-19007291 – 27799
1920 – 194053671 – 81100
1960 – 198086100 – 116882
2000 – 2008163900 – 173000
2008 – Present173000+

Frequently Asked Questions

Seiler upright pianos list pricing ranges from $7,998 USD to $45,098 USD. Seiler grand pianos list pricing ranges from $13,358 USD to $209,058 USD.

A new Seiler baby grand can be worth around $14,000 USD, all the way up to $75,000. It’s important to know the exact model, series, and where the instrument was manufactured since Seiler offers pianos at multiple levels of quality. For a used Seiler baby grand, the age and condition will be a determining factor.

Seiler pianos are made in Kitzingen Germany,as well as Bogor in West Java Indonesia.

Seiler pianos are made by Seiler in Germany, and Samick in Indonesia.

The serial numbers on Seiler uprights are located under the lid, stamped onto the metal plate. On Seiler grands, the serial numbers are located at the front of the piano, also stamped on the metal plate.

Joannes Seiler pianos are made in Bogor, West Java Indonesia.

Samick/Seiler do not own Steinway, despite the fact that Samick does manufacturer some Boston branded pianos for Steinway.

SE Seiler pianos are fully handcrafted in Germany, with high quality materials and superb attention to detail. ED Seiler instruments are built with the same scale designs and specifications of the German pianos, but are made in Indonesia.

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