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Company Website: Yamaha.com
Owner: Yamaha Corporation
Country of Origin: Hamamatsu, Japan
Year Established: 1887
Related Brands: Shigeru Kawai, Bluthner, August Forster, Grotrian, Seiler, Sauter, Schimmel Konzert, Steinway NY, Kawai

Warranty: 10 years parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only.

Yamaha Pianos


When one thinks of multinational corporation Yamaha, diverse might be the first word that comes to mind. They’re famous for all types of products beyond musical instruments, including electronics, motorcycles, and power-sports equipment among others, Yamaha actually began as a reed organ manufacturing company in 1887 under the name Nippon Gakki Ltd. Founded by Torakusu Yamaha, they would soon begin producing some of Japan’s first pianos, both uprights, and grand pianos – with the design and engineering assistance I should add, of a yet to be famous Kioshi Kawai.

After the death of Torakusu in the late 1920s and the onset of new ownership, the company decided to intensify efforts to diversify, and ultimately set the stage for expansion into other endeavors beyond piano and organ manufacturing. This process would be further realized in the 1950s with the founding of Yamaha Motor C. Ltd. In the 1960s, Yamaha’s production of pianos expanded greatly as they began large scale exporting to North America, and along with the now well-established Kawai, their instruments became a viable high-quality alternative to more expensive American and European made instruments. And in much, the same way that Toyota and Honda forced a new quality standard on the North American Auto industry, Yamaha together with Kawai and later the Koreans in the 1980s, spelled the end for companies like Aeolean-American, Heintzman, and Baldwin who were still focusing on simpler, less reliable, and ultimately less musical instruments.

Yamaha produces upright pianos in a variety of sizes and 3 levels of quality. The entry-level B series uprights are produced in Indonesia, whereas the professional quality U series and premium version YUS series uprights (newer designs, more modern technology) are produced entirely in Japan. The 48” U1 has been one of the most popular uprights in the world since the 1970s, and easily the most popular upright piano available on the used market. Yamaha also produces a hand-made upright piano, the SU7, to compete with the European dominated high end upright piano market.

Grand pianos are also offered in various levels of quality. The entry-level 5’ GB1K is the only grand piano produced in Indonesia, representing Yamaha’s entry-level option. The larger mid-level G series options are the GC1 (5’3”) and GC2(5’8”), with both being built in Japan. Yamaha’s professional grand offering consists of the CX series, with various sizes starting with the 5’3” C1X, up to the 7’6” C7X. Improvements over the G series featured in the CX series are better quality materials, thicker rim, and more production time, though the fundamental designs are similar.

Yamaha offers two different lines of premium grands; the hand-made CF series featuring more advanced scale design and superior quality material to the CX series, and the SX series which is essentially the production version of the CF series grand pianos.

Today, Yamaha is the single largest producer of musical instruments in the world, has expanded far beyond pianos, manufacturing many other types of instruments including guitars, drums, woodwinds, and more. Piano production occurs in Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese factories, with pianos available in several different quality levels. The Japanese produced pianos, in particular, are very popular in teaching studios and institutional settings due to their consistency and high build quality, with very noticeable differences from the Indonesian and Chinese produced instruments. Although it’s difficult to characterize an entire brand in a few words, musically the Yamaha’s tend towards a brighter sound with less tonal variance through their dynamic range, which has made them a popular choice for pop and rock recording, although more recently the Japanese manufactured instruments have started compensating with softer hammers.

In addition to a more advanced scale design, improvements in the CF series grands include laminated rims of maple and mahogany, higher quality tapered solid spruce soundboard, and upgraded hammer design, bringing their spec more in line with its directly competing line, the Shigeru Kawai.

There’s almost no missing Yamaha has a brand regardless of what musical instrument you’re shopping for, whether acoustic or digital pianos. And when it comes to piano shopping, no matter where in the world you are and whether or not it’s ultimately what you take home, there’s a very good chance you’ll be playing a Yamaha.


b143″Continental Polished Ebony$4,799
b143″Continental Polished Ebony with Chrome Accents$4,999
b143″Continental Polished White$4,999
M56044″Hancock Satin Brown Cherry$7,199
b245″Polished Ebony$6,749
b245″Polished Ebony with Chrome Accents$6,949
b245″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$7,159
P2245″Satin Ebony/Walnut/Dark Oak$7,549
P66045″Sheraton Satin Brown Mahogany$9,129
P66045″Queen Anne Satin Brown Cherry$9,129
b348″Polished Ebony$8,259
b348″Polished Ebony with Chrome Accents$8,459
b348″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$9,129
U148″Satin and Polished Ebony$11,399
U148″Satin American Walnut$13,499
U148″Polished Mahogany/White$13,499
YUS148″Satin and Polished Ebony$15,599
YUS148″Satin American Walnut$18,799
YUS148″Polished Mahogany/White$18,799
SU752″Polished Ebony$39,999
U352″Polished Ebony$14,559
U352″Satin American Walnut$16,599
U352″Polished Mahogany$16,599
YUS352″Polished Ebony$18,899
YUS352″Polished Mahogany$21,799
YUS552″Polished Ebony$20,999
b1SG243″Polished Ebony$8,799
b1SG243″Polished Ebony with Chrome Accents$8,999
b1SG243″Polished White$8,999
b2SG245″Polished Ebony$10,749
b2SG245″Polished Ebony with Chrome Accents$10,949
b2SG245″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$11,159
b3SG248″Polished Ebony$12,259
b3SG248″Polished Ebony with Chrome Accents$12,459
b3SG248″Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$13,129
U1SH48″Satin and Polished Ebony$15,399
U1SH48″Satin American Walnut$17,499
U1SH48″Polished Mahogany/White$17,499
YUS1SH48″Satin and Polished Ebony$19,599
YUS1SH48″Satin American Walnut$22,799
YUS1SH48″Polished Mahogany/White$22,799
U3SH52″Polished Ebony$18,559
U3SH52″Polished Mahogany$20,599
U3SH52″Satin American Walnut$20,599
YUS3SH52″Polished Ebony$22,899
YUS3SH52″Polished Mahogany$25799
YUS5SH52″Polished Ebony$24,999
U1TA48″Polished Ebony$17,399
YUS1TA48″Polished Ebony$21,599
YUS3TA52″Polished Ebony$24,899
YUS5TA52″Polished Ebony$26,999
DU1ENST48″Satin and Polished Ebony$28,199
DU1ENST48″Satin American Walnut$30,299
DU1ENST48″Polished Mahogany/White$30,299
DYUS1ENST48″Satin and Polished Ebony$32,299
DYUS1ENST48″Satin American Walnut$35,799
DYUS1ENST48″Polished Mahogany/White$35,799
GB1K5′Polished Ebony$14,999
GB1K5′Polished American Walnut/Mahogany/White$17339
GB1K5′French Provincial Satin Cherry$19,179
GB1K5′Georgian Satin Mahogany$18,359
C1X5’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$37,999
C1X5’3″Satin American Walnut$46,369
C1X5’3″Polished Mahogany/White$46,369
GC1M5’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$23,999
GC1M5’3″Satin American Walnut$30,599
GC1M5’3″Polished Mahogany/White$30,599
C2X5’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$43,999
C2X5’8″Polished Ebony w/Chrome Accents$45,699
C2X5’8″Satin American Walnut$53,399
C2X5’8″Polished Mahogany/White$53,399
GC25’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$28,959
GC25’8″Satin American Walnut$33,859
GC25’8″Polished Mahogany/White$33,859
C3X6’1″Satin and Polished Ebony$57,999
C3X6’1″Satin American Walnut$69,999
C3X6’1″Polished Mahogany/White$69,999
S3X6’1″Polished Ebony$77,999
CF46’3″Polished Ebony$105,599
C5X6’7″Satin and Polished Ebony$63,899
C5X6’7″Satin American Walnut$77,799
C5X6’7″Polished Mahogany/White$77,799
S5X6’7″Polished Ebony$84,999
C6X7′Satin and Polished Ebony$71,199
C6X7′Satin American Walnut$85,999
C6X7′Polished Mahogany/White$85,999
CF67′Polished Ebony$119,999
S6X7′Polished Ebony$95,599
C7X7’6″Satin and Polished Ebony$82,999
C7X7’6″Satin American Walnut$99,999
C7X7’6″Polished Mahogany/White$99,999
S7X7’6″Polished Ebony$104,999
CFX9′Polished Ebony$179,999
GB1KSG25′Polished Ebony$18,999
GB1KSG25′Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White$21,339
C1XSH5’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$41,999
C1XSH5’3″Satin American Walnut$50,369
C1XSH5’3″Polished Mahogany/White$50,369
GC1SH5’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$27,999
GC1SH5’3″Satin American Walnut$34,599
GC1SH5’3″Polished Mahogany/White$34,599
C2XSH5’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$47,999
C2XSH5’8″Polished Ebony w/Chrome Accents$49,699
C2XSH5’8″Satin American Walnut$57,399
C2XSH5’8″Polished Mahogany/White$57,399
GC2SH5’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$32,959
GC2SH5’8″Satin American Walnut$37,859
GC2SH5’8″Polished Mahogany/White$37,859
C3XSH6’1″Satin and Polished Ebony$61,999
C3XSH6’1″Satin American Walnut$73,999
C3XSH6’1″Polished Mahogany/White$73,999
C5XSH6’7″Satin and Polished Ebony$67,899
C5XSH6’7″Satin American Walnut$81,799
C5XSH6’7″Polished Mahogany/White$81,799
C6XSH7′Satin and Polished Ebony$75,199
C6XSH7′Satin American Walnut$89,999
C6XSH7′Polished Mahogany/White$89,999
C7XSH7’6″Satin and Polished Ebony$86,999
C7XSH7’6″Satin American Walnut$103,999
C7XSH7’6″Polished Mahogany/White$103,999
C1XTA5’3″Polished Ebony$45,499
GC1TA5’3″Polished Ebony$31,999
C3XTA6’1″Polished Ebony$65,999
DGB1KENCL5’1″Classic Polished Ebony (playback only)$23,999
DGB1KENST5’1″Polished Ebony$28,399
DGB1KENST5’1″Polished Mahogany/American Walnut/White$30,739
DC1XENST5’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$55,399
DC1XENST5’3″Satin American Walnut$63,769
DC1XENST5’3″Polished Mahogany/White$63,769
DGC1ENST5’3″Satin and Polished Ebony$41,399
DGC1ENST5’3″Satin American Walnut$47,999
DGC1ENST5’3″Polished Mahogany/White$47,999
DC2XENST5’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$61,399
DC2XENST5’8″Polished Ebony w/Chrome Accents$63,099
DC2XENST5’8″Satin American Walnut$70,799
DC2XENST5’8″Polished Mahogany/White$70,799
DGC2ENST5’8″Satin and Polished Ebony$46,359
DGC2ENST5’8″Satin American Walnut$51,259
DGC2ENST5’8″Polished Mahogany/White$51,259
DC3XENPRO6’1″Satin and Polished Ebony$80,399
DC3XENPRO6’1″Satin American Walnut$92,399
DC3XENPRO6’1″Polished Mahogany/White$92,399
DS3XENPRO6’1″Polished Ebony$117,999
DCF4ENPRO6’3″Polished Ebony$145,599
DC5XENPRO6’7″Satin and Polished Ebony$86,299
DC5XENPRO6’7″Satin American Walnut$100,199
DC5XENPRO6’7″Polished Mahogany/White$100,199
DS5XENPRO6’7″Polished Ebony$124,999
DC6XENPRO7′Satin and Polished Ebony$93,599
DC6XENPRO7′Satin American Walnut$108,399
DC6XENPRO7′Polished Mahogany/White$108,399
DCF6ENPRO7′Polished Ebony$159,999
DS6XENPRO7′Polished Ebony$135,599
DC7XENPRO7’6″Satin and Polished Ebony$105,399
DC7XENPRO7’6″Satin American Walnut$122,399
DC7XENPRO7’6″Polished Mahogany/White$122,399
DS7XEMPRO7’6″Polished Ebony$144,999
DCFXENPRO9′Polished Ebony$219,999


1917 – 19301700 – 10163
1940 – 195031900 – 42073
1960 – 1970124000 – 960000
1971 – 19751130000 – 1945000
1976 – 19802154000 – 3001000
1981 – 19853261000 – 3987600
1986 – 19904241000 – 4837200
1991 – 19954967900 – 5357000
1996 – 20005446000 – 5868000
2001 – 20055928000 – 6100000
2006 – 20106145000 – 6280000
2011 – 20146310000 – 6380000
2015 – Present6400000+
1983 – 1990T500101 – T132706
1991 – 1995T143101 – T189741
1996 – 2000202945 – 251146
2001 – 2004265755 – 299405
1974 – 1980U101000 – U132000
1981 – 1986U141000 – U186000
1995 – 2005J1600001 – J2212096
2006 – 2012 – PresentJ2317402 – J2942840+
2004 – 2010H0004000 – H0105429
2004 – 2006YT277800 – YT285000


Tier 1C. BechsteinBosendorferFazioliHamburg Steinway
Upright Models <120cmMillennium 116K, Classic/Contour 118N/AN/AN/A
Upright Models > 120cmClassic/Elegance 124, Concert 8Model 130N/AN/A
Grand Models < 180cmL167Model 155, Model 170VCF156S-155, M-170, O-180
Grand Models > 180cmA192, B212, C234, D282Model 185VC, Model 200, Model 200CS, Model 214VC, Model 214VC CS, Model 225, Model 280VC, Model 290,F183, F212, F228, F278, F308A-188, B-211, C-227, D-274
Rim ConstructionMahogany and Red BeechSpruce and Red BeechMaple and MahoganyMaple and Beech
Soundboard MaterialItalian Red Spruce from the Val Di’ FiemmeAustrian White SpruceItalian Red Spruce from the Val Di’ FiemmeSolid White Spruce
Soundboard ElevationMinimum 1,000 MetersHigh-Altitude (Specific Height Undisclosed)Minimum 1,000 Meters?
Tonal CharacteristicsExtremely Dynamic, Colourful and ClearDelicate yet Highly RichPowerful, ColourfulPowerful, Clean and Crisp
ActionBechstein ‘Gold Line’ ActionAction Made by BosendorferRennerRenner
HammersDark Walnut – Made by BechsteinRenner Underfelted ‘Orange’ HammersRennerRenner High-Compression Weikert Felt
Warranty5 Years Parts & Labour10 Year Parts & Labour10 Year Parts & Labour10 Year Parts & Labour
Backpost / Beam ConstructionReinforced Spruce Radial Frame with Dove-tailed JointsNot AvailableRadial Spruce Beam Frame with Triple Joinery?
Rim Construction (Grands Only)Mahogany and Red BeechSpruce and Red BeechMaple and MahoganyMaple and Beech
Duplex Scaling (Grands Only)Front & Rear Duplex?Double Duplex ScaleDuplex Scale
Average Hrs Production (Grands)420-550 Hours~500 Hrs500+ HrsNot Available
Average Hrs Production (Uprights)180 HoursNot AvailableN/ANot Available

Tier 2August ForsterBluthnerEstoniaShigeru KawaiYamaha CFNY Steinway
CountryGermanyGermanyEstoniaJapanJapanUnited States
Upright Models <120cm116D, CN/AN/AN/AN/A
Upright Models > 120cm125, 134A, B, SN/AN/AN/AK52
Grand Models < 180cm17011, 10L168N/AN/AS, M, O
Grand Models > 180cm190, 215, 2756, 4, 2, 1L190, L210, L225, L274SK2, SK3, SK5, SK6, SK7, SKEXCF4, CF6, CFXA, B, D
Rim ConstructionBeechBeechLaminated BirchMahogany and Hard Rock MapleMaple & MahoganyHard Rock Maple
Soundboard MaterialSolid Mountain SpruceSolid SpruceGerman Solid SpruceSolid Sitka Spruce, Ezo Spruce (larger models)Solid European SpruceSolid Sitka Spruce
Soundboard Elevation??????
Tonal CharacteristicsDeep, Dark & Clear with a Powerfull BassDark, Warm and LyricalWarm, Sonorous and DynamicVery Dynamic, Colourful, Dark and WarmBright, Clear with SustainResonant, Powerful Bass, Colourful
ActionRennerRennerRennerMillennium III Carbon FiberYamaha Balanced ActionSteinway Accelerated Action
HammersPremium RennerAbel Angled HammersRenner BlueMahogany, Made by KawaiPremium Balanced HammersHard Rock Maple
Warranty5 Years Parts & Labour10 Years Parts & Labour10 Years Parts & Labour10 Years Parts & Labour10 Years Parts & Labour5 Years Parts & Labour
Backpost / Beam ConstructionSpruceSpruceSpruce, Focused Beam ConstructionSpruceDovetailed SpruceSpruce
Rim Construction (Grands Only)BeechBeechLaminated BirchMaple and MahoganyMaple & MahoganyHard Rock Maple
Duplex Scaling (Grands Only)?Aliquot StringingFront & Rear DuplexFull Length DuplexDuplex ScalingFull Dup,ex
Average Hrs Production (Grands)??????
Average Hrs Production (Uprights)???N/A??

*Disclaimer: Merriam Pianos offers the above information for the educational benefit of customers world-wide, and does not constitute an endorsement by – or imply representation of – the various manufacturers. For a full selection of the brands Merriam Pianos proudly represents, please click here.

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