Welcome to a fresh rundown of our favorite 88-key digital pianos up to $500 (USD) available in the North American market in 2021. This article will serve as a quick overview of the Roland FP-10, Casio PX-160, and Yamaha’s P45 – the best digital pianos Under $500.

Although these don’t represent all models in the marketplace in this range, these are the musical instruments that we felt were deserving of a recommendation. Thanks for joining us for this comprehensive round-up of these fan-favorite portable keyboards, and be sure to check out the individual reviews and covers on our YouTube channel as well. Let’s get into the best digital pianos under $500.


Opening Thoughts

As we mentioned in the intro, the models we’ll be covering here are our top three picks for 88 key digital pianos available for up to $500 USD. While we might be located up in Canada, we’ll be talking in terms of US dollars as USD is always a nice mutual reference point.

The other thing we’ll point out is that we won’t be covering every single 88-key option available at this price point, even ultra-popular models on Amazon like the Alesis Recital Pro or Korg B2.

Instead, we’ll be covering affordable digital pianos that we have personal experience with and are super comfortable recommending based on said experience.

Also, we’re not going to be diving into a deep level of detail on specifications as we’ve got longer reviews of each of these instruments up on our website as it is.

Roland FP-10 | Best Digital Pianos Under $500

Roland FP-10
Roland FP-10

Number one on our list is definitely the slim Roland FP-10, as it’s not only one of the top options for the under $500 price range, but frankly, one of the best options for piano lessons under $1,000 considering the value it brings.

PHA-4 Hammer Action

What immediately jumps off the spec sheet is the fact that it’s equipped with the PHA-4 hammer action. This is the great piano action that Roland has right across its entire FP line except for the flagship FP90, and it’s equipped with a triple sensor, escapement, and textured key tops. This is no question the best keyboard action with the best playing experience on our list.

In fact, it’s used all throughout the lower half of Roland’s lineup, to the point that you’d have to spend four times the money to get a Roland model with a better action. This is simply an unbelievable feature to get at this price point.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The second thing that makes the FP10 stand out for the price is Bluetooth connectivity as it’s quite rare until the price points get higher.

Special Features

The solid, high-quality SuperNATURAL Piano Sound with 96 notes of polyphony rounds out the highlights of this well-made, extremely high-value option. The electric piano and synth patches are also quite notable among its 15 different sounds.

Yamaha P45 | Best Digital Pianos Under $500

Number two on our list is the mighty Yamaha P45, which is the entry-level model in the P series and easily one of the best-selling instruments out there (virtually the same as the Amazon-exclusive Yamaha P71.)

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Action

Yamaha has certainly done a great job of loading this up with a ton of value in its own right. For example, the Yamaha P45 uses the same Yamaha GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) action with adjustable touch response that you get in the more expensive P-125.

Just like the Roland FP10, the Yamaha P45 is punching above its weight – Yamaha’s probably not making a lot of money on this instrument to put it out there with some of these features.


The speakers are really respectably sized, particularly if you are a fan of that crisp, brighter Yamaha acoustic piano tone. The default grand piano sound is quintessentially Yamaha.

Like all Yamaha products, this one is well built so there are no concerns in that regard.

Casio PX-160 | Best Digital Pianos Under $500

Casio PX-160
Casio PX-160

Discontinued Model: The Casio PX-160 has been discontinued as of October 2020. Casio has now shifted its focus to the new Casio PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 models.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Casio Privia PX-160. This has been around for a few years at this point, so it’s hardly a new entry into the market.

That said, in many ways, the PX-160 was actually the model that led the way in the massive quality increase we’re seeing in models in this price range, so we certainly appreciate the fact that the Casio drove the whole market in that direction.

Tri-Sensor Hammer Action II Keyboard

It was the first one to come out to offer a triple sensor with its Tri-Sensor Hammer Action II keyboard in the price range – other manufacturers weren’t producing getting you into a triple sensor until beyond the $1,000 threshold.

Casio’s AiR Synthesis Technology Sound Engine

The PX-160 is using Casio’s AiR synthesis technology sound engine, which combines a grand piano sample with some surround sound modeling algorithm for some extra texture and all-around high sound quality. The quality sound is also aided by a strong speaker system.

Additional Features

There’s a basic recorder on there, and certainly, a few different songs and rhythms that you can play along with. There’s no Bluetooth or Lesson Mode so you can certainly say that the PX-160 is aging a little bit in terms of a model, but it also happens to be one of the absolute cheapest on this list.

With what you’re getting for the money it’s really hard to argue that the Casio Privia PX160bk isn’t still a fantastic buy for what it is.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading our top three picks for the under $500 digital piano category.

All three options offer great portability and come with headphone jacks, come with a basic sustain pedal (damper pedal) and power adapter (power supply), and have some useful features like split mode and duet mode, layering, and metronome.

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