Ever since Roland introduced the world’s first touch sensitive electronic piano, the EP-30, in 1972, it has been a leader in the design and manufacture of the digital piano. Roland instruments of all kinds are known by professional musicians, educators, and home hobbyists all around the world for their sound quality and durability.

Roland’s current line up of digital pianos incorporate their expressive SuperNATURAL™ Piano Sound with Progressive Hammer key actions  to faithfully recreate the grand piano experience, while providing all the advantages of the digital world.

The SuperNATURAL™ Piano sound combines the realism of multi-sampled piano sound with the extended dynamic range and realism of modelling technology gleaned from their flagship and revolutionary V-Grand piano.

Their Progressive Hammer key actions are precisely weighted from low bass to high treble to recreate the control of a grand piano action, with an ivory–feel key surface, and escapement.

Here at Merriam Music we have chosen some of the best current Roland models to add to the offerings in our digital piano showroom.

Roland DP603 CB
Roland F140

Early Innovators

Roland has been one of the lead innovators in electronic and digital pianos from the 1980’s onward. Many of the approaches to manufacturing and synthesis technology that Roland developed in their early years have become industry-wide practices.

They were one of the first companies to bring midi recording to people’s homes, and also one of the first to develop truly life-like piano tone. Roland’s embrace of the entire range of instruments led to the development of the V-Series of instruments, encompassing everything from Accordions to Drums, to Pianos.



If you’re looking for a digital piano that’s an affordable in-home piano option, or an alternative to a traditional stage piano for regular professional use.

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For home, classroom, or live performance, the Roland FP-60X is an amazing 88 note digital piano that is sleek, stylish, and easy to transport.

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This is a stellar example of all-in-one portable digital pianos for any musical occasion, right at the top of its respective industry category.

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Roland’s RP701 is perfectly suited for those looking for an 88 note digital piano that might be their first piano, or for someone who has progressed a little bit more.

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The Roland F701 features a contemporary and compact design, perfect for small spaces, but also has tons of useful technology from Roland, like Bluetooth Audio.

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If you live in an apartment and want to bring a quality piano into your life, the F-140R is for you.

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The RP501r is an affordable, versatile, and all-together professional level home digital piano from Roland.

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All of the features of the DP603 CB, but with a true high-polish polyester finish.

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The DP603 is a sleek powerhouse, built for the discerning player in need of a compact instrument.

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3 Year Factory Warranty, 5 Year Warranty Extension + Trade-Up Protection – $99

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The Roland FP-50 is the new replacement for the very popular FP-4 which has been one of the hottest stage pianos on the market.

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The FP90 represents Roland’s most advanced portable digital piano.

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12" (28.4 cm)51" (130 cm)6" (15 cm)31 lbs (14 kg)$1,197$932
16" (40.5 cm)53" (134 cm)5" (13 cm)36 lbs (16.5 kg)$2,399$1,732
16.5" (42 cm)53" (134 cm)5" (14 cm)52 lbs (24 kg)$2,932$2,399
13.5" (35 cm)54" (136 cm)36" (91 cm)76 lbs (35 kg)$1,865$1,599
17" (42 cm)54" (139 cm)39" (99 cm)90 lbs (41 kg)$2,399$1,999
15" (38 cm)55" (140 cm)38" (98 cm)101 lbs (46 kg)$3,732$2,665
15" (38 cm)55" (140 cm)38" (98 cm)103 lbs (48 kg)$4,532$3,732

Roland Pianos - Lines and Features

Roland FP Series

Roland FP Series

Rolands FP series of digital piano walks and interesting line between portable and a home digital piano. It does this through offering a very Nice keyboard stand option. When fully installed, the FP30, FP 50 and FP 90 can both take on the appearance of a fully installed, and stationary digital piano. Like the Kawai ES8, Roland FP series gives an interesting blend of auto accompaniment, A good range of sounds to choose from and play with, and some solid albeit basic recording options.

Who is this for?

The FP series from Roland and the ES series from Kawai appeal to the piano player with a need for portability without requiring fully professional features. Many examples of the ideal FP customer come to mind: an accompanist for a church choir, a music teacher traveling from home to home, A piano student moving away from home for the first time, an adult (recently downsized) who is moving to a condo and would like an instrument.

Usability is clearly a top consideration for Roland, and FP series also will appeal anybody who wants a decent level of functions, without needing to study a manual for a month.

Roland RD Series

The Roland RD Series of digital stage pianos is a venerable offering that has served thousands of professional musicians on tens of thousands of gigs, recording sessions, and rehearsals. Their popularity stems from their well-balanced offering of features in an easy-to-navigate interface, and a physical package light enough to make transportation reasonable and unarduous. A classic stage piano needs to bring many things to the table: a solid action capable of enduring hours of intense abuse (musicians get excited when they play :), a professional sound bank to cover the fundamentals (rhodes, B3, piano, some lead sounds, pads, and a few percussion effects), midi zone control and split/layer control, and preset storage. The RD series has always performed these functions with a solidness that few other machines can touch, if any.

The latest series from Roland, the RD2000, brings their Supernatural Piano Engine, their intuitive interface, a greatly improved action, and the high levels of construction quality consistent with this line.

Who is this for?

The RD series from Roland should be on every musicians list of possibilities if they do a lot of stage work in which a weighted 88-note piano is a benefit. There are very few machines that will compete with the unique blend of features, Portability, and cost as the RD series. In addition, the RD series also delivers one of the best piano tones in the industry, and  even through the most basic PA systems, these pianos sound great. This is definitely not a work station, So don’t expect great things in terms of arrangement, recording, or sequencing, but for live performance it is hard to beat.

Roland RD Series

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