Music is such a beautiful gift to humanity. We use it to describe our journeys, our joys, laughter, tears and deep grief. It is amazing that this medium of communication can so effectively work for so many people across the world, in different cultures and locations. Music really is central to life.

However, there is a dilemma in it. Although we all love it, musicians often find themselves disliking or even hating the process of learning music. Music lessons! If you google “quit music lessons”, you’ll find a lot of material on this topic. Should you let your child quit? Should you quit guitar? How to keep your child from quitting music lessons…Why children really quit music lessons, and so on.

The Beginning

At the start, there is usually a pure love for music and a desire to make music. The thought of seeing yourself actually playing a song is sheer bliss! For most people, it starts out as a passionate desire to learn the instrument. Putting the instrument down proves highly difficult. The excitement of learning a new song keeps you going for hours and hours.

Music speaks to us all. In whatever way, it’s a part of our lives. O’Toole proves with “The Hands Movement” that there is music in all of us trying to get out. By letting that happen, our world can become a better place. Via OD

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Signing up

The next big thing in your musical journey is to sign up for music lessons. Now all your dreams can come true! Now you are just a step away from a musical piece for your loved one’s birthday or even a concert. Everything is falling into place. At this stage, your level of commitment is at its peak.

Unpleasant surprises

You are now experiencing the realities of music lessons – you have to do things in a certain way. And it doesn’t seem right. Your fantasy is now quickly turning into a nightmare. How did all this happen? Why do you suddenly hate what you had been looking forward to all your life?

Within 2 to 3 years of starting piano lessons 80% of children quit. Were you one of the quitters? You’ve always wanted to play piano, and you always regret quitting lessons as a kid? You’re not alone. Via Your Music Lessons

The value of lessons

Normally, a music lesson has a teacher and students do as they are told. Music lessons are good as they give you the opportunity to learn the basics and foundations of music, These are vital if you are going to play music all your life. The sessions with the music teacher are irreplaceable.

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The crux of the matter

Music practice is where the rubber meets the road. This is the reason why many people have excelled, but it is also where others have developed a bitter resentment for music.

I believe, we all have had our stomachs turn because of it. At least the majority of us. I mean, even Beethoven despised it.

That is right, folks. One of the greatest composers of our time hated being forced to practice at the piano by his abusive father. Reportedly, he even shed tears. Via Medium


That is the big question? Why does passionate love suddenly turn to hate? Maybe it isn’t so sudden – it’s a process. Perhaps the better question to ask is what makes up the common practice session.

…those where you will be told to play the same chords until unconsciousness, and those where jamming is forever unconquered grounds. Via Medium

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The Answer

When you are told to do something in a particular way over and over again, it becomes old. Yet you were looking forward to explore your creativity and actually play songs you love. This is the biggest dilemma in music lessons. This is why it must be avoided by all means.

The worst part is the fact that such lessons can kill. They can kill they joy and the creativity, which are two things that are absolutely essential to any musical production. The one creating the music, must be the one in charge. Via Medium

Dynamic Lessons

To avoid quitting your music lessons, use the basics you learned during your sessions to create your own stuff. Yes, you can make your own music and explore the music within you.

Endeavor means to exert oneself to strive for something. That is exactly what I think everyone should do when it comes to exploring the world of music. Instead of attending organized teacher oriented lessons week after week, year after year, one should be engaging in an unorganized, highly creative and personalized journey into the vast territory of musical expression. Via Medium


To excel in music, your passion should be growing continually. One way to ensure this happens is to have a teacher that understands this and gives you the opportunity to tap into your potential. Have fun!

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