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Roland is one of the world's leading makers of professional musical instruments, including iconic staples of the industry such as V-Drums, V-Piano, Boss Guitar Accessories, Juno & Jupiter synths, the legendary Fantom workstations, and last but not least, their decades-old dominance of the home digital piano world with their HP, FP, LX and GP pianos.

All companies have their chosen focus, and with Roland, it's been advanced tone and amplifier technology, combined with robust and realistic portable piano actions.

Several key innovations have made Roland a can't-miss option in the market, including:

  • The Supernatural synthesis engine
  • Multi-Channel digital output from their new Piano Reality system
  • Triple-Sensing technology on all piano actions
  • Industry-exclusive full modelling on their top piano tone generator
  • Full key weighting (not perceptual) on all piano actions (PHA-4, PHA-50, Grand Hybrid)
Roland FP30X

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Roland GP-6

Advanced Digital Piano Technology

Roland tech is amongst the most advanced in the digital piano world. It's everywhere: their amps and speakers, the tone generators, their triple-sensing technology, and their rich, multi-layered sounds. The best part though? You'll never realize it's there. Because Roland's designers know that you're the center of the experience, not the piano. From simple interfaces to user-friendly menus, Roland's have the dustiest user manuals out there - its most likely that you'll never need it.


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