Precision & Passion

A Legacy of German Precision and Asian Efficiency in the SE and ED Series

Seiler Pianos are still built in Germany by a small team of dedicated craftsmen, but despite their size, their impact on the piano world continues to be felt at every tier. With a focus on innovative piano action and soundboard designs, they continue to find ways of delivering concert-quality playing experiences at exceptional price points, whether considering their SE, ED, or JS lines.

With the SE line, Germany technology and tradition are at their peak; but it's perhaps their ED line that has caught the world's attention the most. Using a majority of the same parts and an identical design that fuel their German pianos, they're then assembled at their world-renowned Indonesian factory (known for building the top Asian pianos outside of Japan), before finally shipping to Nashville TN where they're finished with final voicing, regulation, and cabinet inspections. With price points falling neatly between top-tier Asian but still well below their European cousins, the ED line has struck a chord that few - if any - manufactures have every got right: a true middle ground between Asian efficiency and German quality.

Seiler 168 Grand Piano
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Membrator System

Resonance Redefined: Mastering Sustain & Volume with Innovative Soundboard Technology

Seiler's Membrator system is patented and highly effective; by using soundboard material itself (instead of tone bars or the rim) to control the resonating area, the entire surface is more elastic and responsive, leading to improved sustain and performance at lowered volumes. The soundboards are cut from alpine Bavarian white spruce, the same type of wood used on some of Europe's most acclaimed pianos. And, it's easily identifiable by the deep groove running around the perimeter of the soundboard.


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