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Merriam Pianos receives over 150 offers per month to purchase, trade, or consign pre-owned instruments - and fewer than 20% make the cut.

What are we looking for? And where do we reduce the risk of buying used? If we can't resell the piano with the following components in excellent condition, we don't take them. Period.

  • Pinblock (good pin torque and tuning stability)
  • Soundboard (crack-free, remaining crown)
  • Hammers (sufficient remaining felt for voicing and good longevity)
  • Action (levelled keys, regulated action, no clicking keys, full damper function)
  • Strings (buzz free, consistent tone, good tuning stability)
  • Finish/Cabinet (free of any structural or major aesthetic damage)

And to achieve that, every single used piano that goes through our stores receives a full regulation, multiple tunings, all necessary cabinet touch-ups and repairs to bring the finish to it's maximum potential for it's age and level, and any internal improvements or repairs to ensure complete mechanical function as intended from the factory.

Used Bechstein Grand Piano
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Used Bechstein Grand Piano 2

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New pianos may get more attention online and in piano showrooms, but the used piano market has plenty of value to give piano customers when it comes to selecting that perfect upright piano, baby grand piano, or even good-condition digital piano. The key of course is knowing that you're selecting from instruments with proper warranties, thorough inspections, and good musical potential.


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Used Wurlitzer Upright

Used Wurlitzer upright piano in Satin Oak. A wonderful upright piano from the world renowned musical instrument manufacturer Wurlitzer. Comes with 10 year parts, 1 year labour warranty, GTA delivery, bench and tuning. ✅ Bench Included ✅ Free Tuning ✅ Free Delivery in GTA ✅ 10-Year Warranty ✅ Certified Preowned (47 Point Inspection)

$ 1,995.00