Johannes Seiler GS150 Grand Piano – Black Chrome

$ 26,995.00


Baby grand pianos are a timeless mark of artistry and sophistication on any home lucky enough to feature one. And in an era dominated by electronics and disposable indulgences, the grand piano stands as a reminder that fine, complicated things are still built by people, for the enjoyment of people.

Baby grands, as a market, fall neatly into three massive categories – low quality, generic Chinese pianos, mid-to-high range Japanese, and ultra-luxury European makers. But quite aside from any of those stands Seiler.

Seiler makes three lines of pianos – two of them in Indonesia, and one in Germany. They are famously transparent about who does what where (a rarity in the piano world), and the Johannes Seiler line plainly and unambiguously one of the best-built and top-performing pianos in its class.

Johannes Seiler GS150 Grand Piano – Black Chrome
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